Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spectrum Experience

Let me tell you a little secret of mine... I am such a Queen of all late! I mean, I totally admit it to myself but I couldn't care less. LOL! This post is suppose to be for August (right after Kadayawan Festival) but as you can see, it turned out to be posted today. Now, the long wait is over. Today, I'm going to share to you my very first Spectrum Experience. Last August 16, 2014, during the celebration of the famous Kadayawan Festival was the Spectrum Experience: Invasion Tour goes to Davao, entitled Kadayawan Invasion 2014. I know! It's the ever first Spectrum Experience in Davao City despite of so much forbidden and prohibited stuff here, they still pushed through the invasion because the organizers knew that people here in Davao loves music! Who doesn't?! The lineup was amazing, the people were excited about it, and the crowd gone wild all throughout the party! What is more exciting is having the best company you could ever think of. I've been to so much music festivals in the country, and Spectrum Experience is totally on my checklist. More fun photos below! 

Credits to Gab de Cadiz
Credits to Gab de Cadiz
So basically, we don't go to outdoor music festivals as soon as the gates starting to open. They normally sets it to 3PM and in our case, we are still preparing by that time, on what to wear + make up! (For girls! Hello?!) LOL! And always make sure to fully charged your gadgets. Trust me, you don't wanna miss a single moment during the event. You're lucky enough if you still have 5% battery left on your phone after the party ends. 


1.) Buy your tickets before the event to avoid the long haul. Trust me, you don't wanna spend half of your time lining up just to get the ticket, right? Usually, you just have to check time to time on their official websites or social medias on where to buy tickets and who are the official sellers of the tickets. Make sure to buy the official and legit!

2.) If you are a first timer, invite and gather all of your friends to accompany you, and I assure you it'd be one of your memorable nights! 

3.) Always choose your clothes and shoes! Wear light and comfortable #ootd's to the party. A little advice, there's nothing wrong with plain white shirt tacked in to high-waist denim shorts! Pick up sneakers instead of sandals or worse, high heels. You don't need them right now plus, who can freakin' dance on a very high heeled shoes, anyway!? Have mercy on your feet, girls.

4.) On make ups, I suggest you don't need to wear one. Especially, if it's a neon-paint-themed party! Usually, we put it on our faces and design it by ourselves. 

5.) Don't bring humongous bag! Why? First, it's very very annoying when you are in the crowd, dancing. You might get to hit someone! Two, gosh it's a huge bag? Are you gonna travel or what! Three, wear the mini-sling bag that can fit your money, cellphones,and your ticket + lipstick! Personally, I don't bring any bags. My friends and I just leave it inside of the car and we'll just take our money(not the whole amount), phone/s, and in my case, lipstick and I just put 'em in my pocket. 

6.) We can't predict the weather, especially at night! So make sure to secure your gadgets and wear them some waterproof cases. Usually, it rains, or sometimes, it rains beer so you just have to deal with whether you'll get wet by people throwing beers or El Hombre or whatever it is (hopefully, without the bottle! LOL!)

7.) Don't spoil the night by getting too drunk. People hates it. I hate it. And you don't want to miss out the fun til the end, right? Drink moderately! If you're my friend, and reading this section right here. You know what I mean ;) If I were you, I should just probably enjoy the night with my friends and dance 'til our feet hurts, and sing out the lyrics of our favorite song/s, and shout out loud to the top of our lungs. You'll thank me later! :)

There you have it, my own tips on how to survive a night-long music festival/party. I'm not just referring to THIS party, but to any music festivals you'll be going. Hope I helped you outta this. Personally, I love going to music festivals. It's my thing. It's my friends' thing. We love music so much that it happens to be our stress-reliever. Also, being spontaneous is what we do, most of the time. See you to the upcoming events here and outside Davao! 

Photos below are from Spectrum Experience (Facebook). Check out and like their page here. You can also check our their Invasion Tour, and their upcoming events!

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