Monday, May 26, 2014

SarBay Fest 2014

It's been a week or so since SarBay Fest 2014 took place! I am super excited to share this with you guys the moment I got back to my place but I was a bit unlucky to transfer our gazillion photos on my laptop because of some instances. Long story! Anyway, as far as I remember, I had so much fun with my friends on the 2-day event. We were boozin' like a boss! Being at the BIGGEST BEACH FESTIVAL IN MINDANAO is sick! Can you imagine having 120,000 attendees (and I'm one of them)! If you're following them (Sarangani Bay Festival) on Facebook, then you would know what the heck I'm talking about. Since it's my second year attending the festival, I'm really happy to meet new people there from different places in the Philippines and hanging out with my good ol' friends. I saw a lot of familiar faces at SarBay too which is nice! I just had a great weekend, and to make this long story short... take a peek of the fest! (Photo taken by Cocoy Sexcion)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WTB: SarBay 2014

FIRST FOR MAY - Forgive me for delaying this blog post that was supposedly posted on the last week of April. And guess what! It's already May and almost making its way to the second week. LOL! I've been so busy doing some personal stuff from the past few weeks and I was waiting for some mails to arrive but due to holiday/s, it has been postponed. Anyway, to get this straight... I know, everyone (or maybe almost everyone) is counting the days for SarBay Fest 2014! Count me in because I, too is excited! I've been also saving up and listing down some of the things I need for the 2-day beach festival. Hence, Mindanao's Biggest Beach Festival. It's extremely advisable to be prepared and give allowance ahead of time than on or one day before, and you should always have to list down all the things you will bringing to the event. In my case, I always double check the things I'm bringing and going to use whenever I travel especially when the event/venue is beyond far from my home. Why? It is because sometimes, at some point, there might be some cases of losing stuff especially when there are too many people or simply because you're just clumsy on losing things. 
SarBay Fest is a free-for-all-festival. That means ANYONE can/may go. Most of the people that are attending are checking in to resorts in Gumasa or hotels/inns/pension houses in GenSan. Unlike in any other known and touristy beach destinations, Gumasa has just minimum amount of rooms that can occupy hundreds or so tourists so you really have to reserve and book months before the actual event or else you'll end up staying in tent, that's why most of the people that are coming to SarBay Fest will be staying in tent city which means they are camping in for 2 days.
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