Sunday, February 24, 2013

Waiting in Vain

It been a week now since Davao is having a cold weather and it's been raining for days and nights. Last Friday, which was the end of our College Week, I went to school by the afternoon since I woke up really really late that I forgot I still have make-up classes but luckily, I'm done with the report and since prof is only prioritizing those who haven't yet reported. So, this is why I have selected photo to blog and some of it are from a friend's camera. By afternoon, RSM was full-packed with students and outsiders who witnessed the Variety Show for a cause and everyone enjoyed it, I guess :-) It was an hour of performance then and after which, we can go out of school. Since we're starving, we decided to go to McDo and stuck there for like hours and so! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take a Beat

Music is like everything! Today has been a great day somehow but still a lazy day. We were at the school and it's the second day of College Week. By 10am, World Tourism class has to be in one for 2 hours and do the reporting and wooh thank God it's done! After which, and by lunch, we stayed for at least the whole afternoon in Do Good Have Fun and waited for the time. Fun times with friends, sang a lot of songs, listen to music, and played instruments. Yup! Love it. It's a way of killing the boredom and so. For me, it was a fun and productive day! Enjoy the photos. Kisses! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pursuit of Happiness

One thing I am so thankful for everyday is that I have funny, crazy, beautiful, wonderful and trusted friends. This has been a cray-cray Wednesday to me! Well, us. We don't have classes though since it's a College Week that's why all students are not in uniforms. And we still have to be in school and do sorts of stuffs. But 'twas forever late of me that I wasn't really in school but I was in Do Good Have Fun with my friends and do nothing but eat. I know! This day is somewhat unforgettable, I was never been so thrilled in my entire life before. Chills! Enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thirsty Thoughts

I've never love Tuesdays! It happens that I am so lazy to get up from the bed every morning and thinking of being in school for almost 11 hours. Yep, even though it's every Tuesdays and Fridays, I still hate Tuesdays. It's so far from the weekend! Today, since the sky is mad and heavy rains in the morning approached Davao, I wasn't able to make it to our first subject so I decided to get in (late, as always) to our second course. And since it's a College Week, selected students has to handle a section/s and lesson/s. We've been wanting so bad to like do nothing for this day but fortunately, it has been a great day, well I hope for everyone! Here are some photos we've been tagging all through out the gloomy day! Kudos, enjoy! :-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Appreciate Life

It has been a rainy Monday to laze up and hoping to go back to sleep but the reality has to take in that we (students) have to prepare for the first subject of the day. And I was late. Maybe this year isn't really for me to be early as possible but I am surely and heartily trying my best to wake up as early as 7 in the morning for class. Well today, I've decided to bring my camera since I had borrow a friends macro lens. TADA! Yay! My friends love the lens too. This is day is really a bed weather. Raining all through out the day 'til night but unfortunately, the news said that there will be another typhoon for this month. :"( I hope everyone's okay. Like very okay and dry! Well anyway, It's also a College Week so the students had to act like a teacher. If you're too familiar with that, though. I also decided to take my own 7-day Challenge of Photography and try my best to update and post something new everyday on my blog, which is here. So let me start it today, here are so photos I've compiled all through out the day. Kudos, enjoy! :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

She Turns 18

Once in a life time, you turn 18. A celebration of life and happiness because you finally graduated to childhood and about to step to the real world of adultery. Well, it's still teen but already legal! Last night was so much fun. Lusil's birthday was last 13th of February but since it's a Wednesday, and they had their exams so the party was held last night at the Tulip Grand Plaza.
I've known Lusil for 5 years now! Throwback last 2009, she was my first friend in high school. In PWC. We were classmates since 1st-3rd year! Yes, one of my closest friends but we had to separate ways in college. Though we still have communications. I was part of her 18 Candles and the speech was so impromptu. Haha! She's like a sister to me and my kalog friend! Really thankful to be part of her life and her teenage years! And I am so happy to be reunited with my high school friends as well! 
So here are some of the photos I and my friends took from her Debut last night.
(P.S. Some of the photos are blur, bear with it.)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Engagement Party

 A fact you don't know about me; I love India. Ever since I was in grade school, I fell in love with their country, culture, way of dressing and of course, their food. I love spices and India is known as the home of spices. This is really really an old event that happened last March 2012, in Grand Men Seng Hotel was Tajinder & Vanita's Engagement Party. Well, if you haven't notice ever, Shareen Balani (my super dooper sister-in-crime best friend) happens to be an Indian (well half-Indian). And since she knows that I have been a big fan of India, perhaps everything about India, she invited me to go with her to this event which I was really so excited and it's my first to ever to wear a Sari or Saree (it's their National Costume for girls). It's very very beautiful, detailed in every part and colorful! Their culture is amazing in different kinds of way. Yeah, I've been dreaming to go there, soon! मेरे फ़ोटो का आनंद लें (Enjoy my photos)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cultural Festivity

After the 5 days of activities and festivities during the event, today, it has finally come to  an end. This year's perhaps the grandest event ever held in Davao City. The title says it all; "Liwanag World Festival". I wasn't in school today since I have errands to do and that counts studying since Prelims' on its way! Sigh* Well anyway, before talking stressful matters, I have to say that the event really helped me --- well, I hope everyone who attended the festival. From educational talks, sessions and workshops to proudly Pinoy artworks, dances and photos! It was also an honored to witnessed again the performance by Bayanihan Dance Troupe and Madayaw Cultural Ensemble. Humble and very very informative speakers from different places in the country and the world! Nevertheless, it's so much honor to all Davaoeneos that these kind of celebration has been held in Davao City. I heard that next year will be in Iloilo and I think it'll be great too! Alright, so much of that, enjoy the photos I have taken since third day! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Festival of Lights

It's the first day of the month of February! Hola! How did you spend it? --- Today's also the 4th day of the Liwanag World Festival. It's really really fast and I assume that every person who participated in the event was satisfied! We witnessed a lot of performances earlier this morning until the afternoon. The Bayanihan Dance Troupe was there to perform 2 dances while the Madayaw Cultural Ensemble who showed us the Tausug Dance. They were all magnificent, dancing so elegantly! It was amazing. There were also talks, sessions and at the end of the program, participants went to their workshops. So this is up for today, I'm gonna show you some of the photos I took earlier today. The performances of the Bayanihan Dance Troupe and Madayaw Culural Ensemble. 
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