Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Color Combined

I'm really getting used of late uploads, so sorry 'bout that! 
Since my friends are waiting for the photos from our last 
Christmas party. I mean this was taken before the party though.
I won't be taking this talking too long! 
Let the photos do its own. Enjoy! :)
Photos won't be complete without our photos taken together! :)
Like I said, I over exaggerate things. But that day was a bit dark with a shade of the sun but 'twas not too long.
I seriously envy them since they know how to ride a bike
well me, so not gonna try. I hate balancing first and foremost
I don't want to have scratches on my legs or something.
Before the wet and wild party, this was me. Haha! 
Still dried up and smiling pretty wearing my fave band
tees "Nirvana" I got from Forever 21 in their last stock!! :)
I know right?! I am all in black well except for my shoes and
bangles which are Neons! I just love how I express my style
depending on the weather. Well, it's dark but it has a shade
of color pop-outs! 
Elinah Joyce: All dressed up for the wedding occasion 
she's attending on the same day. Isn't she a beau? 
Appr├ęciez nos belles photos !

My Christmas Blog giveaway will be cancelled due to some reasons and circumstances(Sad face). I might give it next year and I will assure you that you will like it. The Yuletide season is ending so I will think of another giveaway maybe for the upcoming Summer! So be excited 'coz next year, there will be lots of blog giveaways! Yaaay! I wish I could join. Hahaha!
Let me take this time to thank each and everyone of you! Last night, I just reached my 2000 Pageviews (clap clap!!) and by the looks of it, you really are interested on my posts. I will assure you that there will be more happy, exciting and interesting post soon! We'll never know, right? Thank you so much for your time to read my posts though sometimes I don't have enough time to update it due to my busy schedule. Please don't hesitate to send me more mails and of course, you can always put comments about that post!
Thank you so much readers! I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus. I wish I could meet you! Enjoy the rest of the holiday. See you! P.S. Follow me on Keek: eishellecellona 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

First of all, I wanna greet each and everyone of you a Happy Merry Christmas!
Well I wish you are enjoying your family gathering with your family and 
I hope you are not forgetting that today is Jesus' Birthday :)
Before it strikes 12 midnight today and proceed to 26th of December,
I just want you all to know that I am so thankful because since I am a new
blogger, I am getting a lot of supports. I don't know what to say except 
Thank you. Millions of that I say. 
You people are always making me smile knowing that you are 
exerting your time to read my new posts.
Wishing you all a great Holiday off! 
Nevertheless, there are 6 more days until New Year! 
May you all have a prosperous and bountiful 2013.
Take care everyone! Here are some photos I wanna share with you.

"Iba ang Pasko sa Pinas"

Pasko sa Pinas - Yeng Constantino

Happy Holidays Everyone! International Love.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Wet & Wild

Today, Travel Society held its Christmas Party. We definitely enjoyed it wagas!
Everyone was so excited to start the program, well, of course knowing that 
after the 3-day Final exams has finally ended! (Survived 2nd Tri!) 
Today is perhaps one of the happiest days of our lives! 
The water gun fight + water bottle fight + the-buhusan-mo-ng-coke fight
was definitely the bomb! And the fact that we really had so much fun
and the best part was, meeting new friends from the higher levels. 
AND! Before I forget, there was food overload during the party! Woot woot
Before you get bored with (again) the preaches I have, by the looks of it
the photos I've taken will surely make your day! Enjoy! :)
Second Year Ate's and Kuya all getting ready to start
the Water gun fight. It was really exciting! 
Kuya Shaq & Ate Lai ready to shoot!! ;)
Beautiful lad right here :)
The first game to play was the Sack Race
Just have to be extra careful since the floor's 
too slippery x 
F1 <3 I think there were 8 of us from Regular class 
who attended and had fun from the party! 
I pity for those student's who wasn't able to come. They 
missed the whole happenings! 
Then there's Camille, can't get enough with her Water gun! ;)
Another game! I forgot the name but this one is so cool! 
I mean, the group has to make a straight long line and
the group who makes it to the finish point within the time
AND have the longest line will win and that and that.
Well, let's move on...
This game was last to play. Each section has to have
2 pairs and obviously, catch the egg. They're really good! 
You see. Even on a cracked egg, it's still a perf. Haha
To sum it up, congratulations to all the winners from the
games (including the "Bring Me") and some group games.
Our section got a lot of stuff though :)

Before ending up the whole event, we had time to wet ourselves
and others too! Time for Water Gun fight! Pretty much everyone
was so ready and make sure their guns are full and so was mine. 
And then there comes the bottles. Big bottles. And cokes.
Wet and Happy! 
Faces with Sha
Sorry for the Blur photo. Ate Hazel was not very familiar
using my camera :( 
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
Yup, that's us. Smiles on our faces. Everyone really did
enjoyed the whole thing though some of the student's didn't
attend. Also, everybody went home WET and HAPPY! :)
 Nevertheless, it's a privilege to spend the afternoon
with these people. 
Really want to congratulate the people behind this event.
It's very very successful, at the same time you all made 
our day better after the stressful exams from the past 
few days. Thank you and God Bless.

Hi there reader! I finally had a chance to update my blog after the 3 long day and since our Finals has finally get through. Holiday vacation, I welcome you! Well, actually I still have my one last exam this Saturday but considering that today's Friday, then so be it. Can't wait for my Christmas Giveaway next week so stay tuned and keep reading my blog posts. Thank you! 


Monday, December 17, 2012

Yarn Box

 I am really a Dream Catcher lover ever since the world began! Haha! Kidding.
Well of course, I am huge fan. I don't know why, but it's just. If you were already reading my blog from the previous months, you would know! I posted out numerous of stuff like this and personally, I am also a collector. I choose some of them very carefully
because I don't wanna spend my money too much and go to waste if I don't! Right?
Today, I got my new Dream Catcher! I'm posting two since I want to promote
the one who's making/behind this. It's quite expensive but since my hands are really wanting it, so why not? It's also their business so as much as I want to help, I would.
This time, it's different. It's made out of YARNS! I really loved it since it's very
light and the designs too are catchy. Though it's a bit simple but hence, unique unlike my other dream catchers hanged on the wall of my room which are my faves! Okay, so enough with the preaching. I will let the photos do its thing.
This is my new one which I was talking and tweeting about
earlier. (Well if you're following me, though)
It's bigger but light. I fell in love with the details on it.
And the fact that I love Peacock's design, so I was awe-ing
to buy it! Though I have several peacocks feather stuff,
but those are necklaces or earrings that has given to me.
And this is the second one I bought. This was during 
last Intramural. I bought this cheap since it's quite
the normal size and not too detailed.
New collections right there.
I am more hoping to get more. Like new and different designs.
What I mean about different is that, something that's very unusual in the stores. Something more about edgy look and more on feathered details. I just love the way it goes! 
Hello there! If you're reading my blog, you can always 
send me gifts like this. Nyahaha! :)

Alright! This is what I am telling you about. They don't a store YET but let's hope.
The maker/s of this is from HRM Department of
Philippine Women's College of Davao.
Like their pages as you can see on the photo or simply
click the link below:
You may contact them there on the site.
"Let those dream be catched and help you sleep tight, 
in a silent moonlight."

Hello there, reader! I think I might update my blog
again after our FINALS. Just have to finish everything
on this Trimester. I really can't wait for the Christmas 
break! Just want to start the exams on the 19th and finish it on the 22nd of December. YES! You heard that right. We have our one last final exam on Saturday. 
Wish me luck for it! Include me in your prayers ;)
Happy Simbang Gabi and Take care! 

P.S: I will have my Christmas Blog giveaway next week so stay tuned! 

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