Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's never Wasted

Something we did today:
Even in our busiest days, we never fail to have fun and I know,
that what friends do, right? (Who doesn't?) 
Well anyway, today we had so much fun. I think Wednesdays are
fun though we got one subject for this day but unfortunately, we have
to meet it twice. Still, we don't have a reason to spoil our day so why
not photobomb? ;) (Magsawa kayo sa mukha naming magaganda!)
Before anything else, since our teacher is so considerate he dismissed 
us early which we're really thankful of! Haha, every students' dream.
Thing is, I really... I mean WE really like Len's (the girl beside me)
 phone camera that's why we had so much photos saved on it! 

My circle of friends really make me feel so special whenever I'm around
them. They are like the ones who completes my day and I feel so down
when I'm not with them. I'm way waaaaaaay thankful I have them! 

Enjoy our pictures! 
Oh and by the way, I have to collage some of it 'coz
it's way too many! :) 

I love you friends! I know we're so inseparable. Memories, let's make
millions of them! Hugs and Kisses to you! 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Captured

So basically I've been scrolling again my folders from my external 
and find out a lot of saved old photos from it! There were a lot from it. 
It's like reminiscing good memories from the past. Seeing those 
pictures below are so meaningful to me. Each photos has a story 
and let me just tell you that it's a really great thing finding out memoirs.
Photos are like presents to me. A cherished one. Photography is 
a form of Art. It not just an ordinary art, but a way of expressing your
emotions through it. It's not just about clicking the shutter button, 
adjusting the lens' capacity or even selecting the best ISO. 
It's the subject that is a real satisfaction. There are so many ideas
in the world which is a really helpful one. But the most important thing
is to know how to Explore. Don't be afraid to try something new
and go places you're unfamiliar with. Go out and seize the day! 

Now here is something from Canon Image Nation.

There are so much more to do in this World. Go out and explore 
while it lasts! :) 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happiness in a Click

Now here is something to blog about. 
It was in the second week of November when I saw this on Canon site.
I suddenly rush in to my photos and check them one by one. Well, I mean
the good ones and something that has sense. I've been a Canon user since,
and for me it is really the number one brand when it comes to Camera's.
But this one is different, they are giving away a Canon IXUS and since
I don't have one yet, I decided to join What's your Canon Story?
Fortunately, when I check just today the Gallery below I am amazed that
my photos are featured. Who wouldn't be happy? I am really hoping I will
be taking home the prize! ;)

If you wanna see the 3 Photos I submit, go to http://www.canon.com.ph/15years/
Click the Gallery from the right side (Center) and find the entitled Gal 
Happiness in a Click
If you wanna enlarge it, just click the photo one by one.

Help me win an IXUS
Canon, Delighting You Always

P.S. If you wanna join What's your Canon Story, see the full Mechanics below. Make sure to read it and after which, fill up the registration and you can post up to 3 photos. Enjoy and Good Luck! 


Thursday, November 22, 2012


It was a gloomy afternoon when we headed to Jack's Ridge right after
our last subject on that day. We really don't have enough time to fool around
so as soon as possible, we could have a Video Shoot for our school project.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Green Blossoms

It was a way of excitement to start the day! Snapshots are always the best
when it comes to an event like this. Creating new memories that will 
surely be treasured forever. To start with, Freshies are called 
THE GREEN BLOSSOMS. I know it sounds so newbie but it's okay than
nothing! :) A lot of my friends from other schools really compliments
our shirt (which is cool). And the fact that we really have no idea
who designed this. It's a sort of very creative and at the same 
time unity of colors and details. Well, thank you whoever you are.

Since we are such a great camera-not-so-shy people! Took a couple of shots
from our last Intramural-Spare-Super-Time. And yes! We have lots of that.
Where could we possibly be? Strolling around the campus, watching the ball
games, indoors and outdoors stuff (well unless it's a rainy day) or even buying
things from the booths. And lucky so me, there's this kiosk from Fine Arts
Department who sell Dream Catchers for a very cheap cost! Yaaay! 
Well anyway, too much to talk about. Here are some photos I and my friends
took! :) 


Together with the President of Travel Society

The WTH face of mine. Hahaha! Sorry about that.


There's too much to share but I have to get going because apparently,
today is our Midterm Exam. And I am here sitting and blogging about what
happened last week. Well, it's such a great opportunity for us since we are
the babies of College and to think we had a number of awards overall. Though
we aren't the overall champion but at least we tried our best! It's not enough
but will surely get back to you on that. Adios! 

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