Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo Dump

Aaahh! Can you believe that it's the last day of July?! Say whuuut! I mean, it's so fast and seems like yesterday. So since I can't always bring my camera wherever I go, here's a compilation of my Instagram photo dump inspired by Tricia Gosingtian. I got this whole idea while I was blog hopping and such. And since it's the last day of the month let me share with you some of the photos I shared on my Instagram. Nowadays, people are so busy on their mobile phones and they can't even leave the house without their mobiles (well, including me of course). So much going on in the social networking sites like hash tags, throwbacks, selfies and much more! Here are some of the photos you can see on my Instagram site (and Twitter too!)
What's more fun in doodling? Well, I think I am good on that! 
Dream Catchers

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love for Cases

I have never been so wrong on being an addict, collecting cases ever since to my old phones before! I just think it's cool and the fact that YOU... YES YOU can customize your own casings just like I did with mine. Actually, the designs (I mean some) are mine and I let CASES DAVAO do its thing. I thought I would never get these stuff, that was supposedly last week due to my heavy and full packed schedule. Man 'twas insane! Speaking of which, em in love with its little details printed on, colors and uniqueness of each one of 'em! I can't stop staring the back case though. They're all my favorite and I can't decide which am I gonna use for everyday. Lol!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


And it turns to be a blurry shots on a blurry night! I have no idea what went so not well with the photos taken by my good friends using my SLR! So let me just post this though since I do love my shorts *winks*. I spent my weekend with my good friends. Dined and had an overflowing chitchat. I've been down of interesting blog posts lately since I am very well busy and I don't time to go out of town or even the nearest beach here! Boo, right? *cries*. That's why it's a very big deal to me to go out once (or twice) a week somehow! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Korean Night

I finally have a chance to post something on my blog before this month's end! Ahhh this day was so much fun! Reunited with some of my closest friends in high school and catch up a lot of news and stuff and did A LOT of unending photo sesh with those guys! Tiring and cray but worth it! Getting back to what went well tonight. So I had to hurry and head to SM Lanang Premier to meet with my friends. Unfortunately, it's a very long ride from our house and the fact that I left the house on a rush hour! When I arrived at SM, I have no idea it was jam packed with people since the mall is having a 3-day Sale and there were so much guests in one night. Eun Joo Park, a Korean rock violin diva at the Atrium! I really don't know her and it's my first time to see her. I never thought she's really good and rocked the whole place! My friends was also at Manna Davao, a Korean restaurant that serves really good Korean dishes! I think I fell in love with it *winks*. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet Love

Ahh! I wanna scream and shout and let it all out for not updating my blog too soon! I have been soooo busy and I have so much errands to do. Oh forgive me! So, today I just want to update it and the fact that I am using my mobile for this and grab something on my camera roll. Yep! That's how much I love you guys. I can't wait to post what we've been up to and this, shooting some stuff for my friends' birthday! Simple yet the sweetest! So much for that. Hugs and kisses to everyone! 


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Apple Green Wins

 Hello there! So basically, it's another month of the year we are facing. Which means, it's our exam month (Prelims). I got 2 more full days to study for the upcoming exams on Wednesday 'til Friday. *Winks, wish me luck!*. Before being on me, on a busy side of this month, let me share to you our last month's event which is our Acquaintance Party (Generally). It was so much fun despite of the sudden change of weather, and it rains the whole game part! We were dissected to different color schemes and teams with coaches, of course. I was on the Apple Green Team who won the game, first! Lucky are we, we had a very strong and competitive group among! Nonetheless of almost forgetting I have one left to blog and this was supposedly to the last day of June! Oh, forgetful me. Soooo here it is!
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