Thursday, January 31, 2013

Liwanag World Festival

Liwanag World Festival, a 5-day celebration on creativity and sustainability. People around the Globe come to Davao and maybe most of them already had experienced the festivity. It's held in our school, Philippine Women's College of Davao (RSM Events Center). The celebration started last Tuesday, 29th of January which really had a great impact to those people who went. There are talks, sessions, art exhibits, workshops and step by step on how to save mother earth courtesy of the most influential people in this world. Maria Ressa was also there! It's amazing and of course, proud because our school has been a big part of this event. This year's biggest event ever made in Davao City, I say!

Friday, January 25, 2013

27th Visual Arts Competition

Last year, I was been able to participate the 26th Visual Competition courtesy of DPC-PLDT. I am so running happy earlier seeing this poster on the school's bulletin board, same as last year and I remembered the time when there were two of us from PWC who joined last year's. Fortunately, the Fine Arts student has been included to the top 20 finalists and I wasn't but 'twas okay because I was happy for her! Well moving on, this is another chance and opportunity for me to show my photos again in the public. This time, I want to purchase something I had been capturing using my Canon and I am so happy because Canon is involved to this competition. I think this year's photo contest would be more interesting because of the Theme: More Fun in the Philippines. This is probably exciting because there are more than 7, 107 reasons why it's more fun to be here in the Philippines, don't you think? I am inviting all the photo enthusiasts out there to join and experience this contest! Visit there site and read the full mechanics here.
See the Photos of Last Year's Winners (Read More)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PhotoWorld Asia 2013

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are into Photography. For some reasons, they love it - WE love it! This year, they are opening a Photo show and convention for everyone with a fee. Why? Read more here.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Time

Back-to-normal Saturdays is on! I am so happy knowing that after 3 months, this term is
out with Saturday classes and finally I have more time to spend going out doing some errands.
Instead of being in Cebu for Sinulog, unfortunately I was not able to book a flight earlier than
January of 2013th. I am so jelly seeing the photos since yesterday. People are posting their
first days of 3 days for Sinulog. And I am thinking..."Oh, I wish I'm there too." Well, Sinulog will 
always be there no matter. I still have next year to attend though! 
My day was well spent with my friends, Mimi and Kathleen. Buddies always! No, we are not going
in the same school but we always have time to go out whenever we have spare time. Like today,
went to Premier to have dinner there and stuff like that. I never ever had a boring day with them!
I mean, they made me crazy all the time! Hahaha and I am always having fun in million ways.
They never fail to make me smile, comfort me to whatever and even in the most nonsense things.
Love these two so much! They are like my sisters in different mother. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Photo Blog

It's a very heartwarming feeling knowing that there are people who appreciates your work
in all kinds of way. I operate numbers of sites, though. Sometimes, it's very tiring to update
it everyday and to think I am somehow a very busy person. I would like to thank the people
who Re-Post and Like the photos on my photo blog called JUX. Yes, indeed. I can see the
people who does it on my blog. So as receiving mails with compliments. Thank you! 

So, let me introduce you to the world of Photo Blog. I started using this site last October of 2012.
I'm a bit new about on how to use and post it. I also posted many photos in there. So far so good
because it's really a perfect site for those who wants their photos to be published in many ways.
It's a perfect fit for the Photographers like me. Even just the folks who loves photography,
I mean of course, anyone can make their own account! It's very easy, just go to their site:
www.jux.com and make sure to sign up your email, after which the confirmation has been
received, you are ready to go! 
JUX really helped me to build up a lot of inspirations since I was on it. It's very
functional yet fun. As if you're enjoying your daily life as well!  For me, it completes on what you've
achieved on a day. Meaningful photos, your creativity and sense of capturing and seizing the day.
Thanks to my beautiful Canon DSLR for helping me out achieve what I really wanted to.

Do you want to see and visit my photo blog? It's very easy, you don't have to make an account
to see the whole thing. Just click the link: Stuck in Photographs and you're good to go!
To see my photos bigger, kindly click the picture.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another First ☮

It's gonna be another step for us because after today,
Third Trimester will start tomorrow! Another 3-month
sesh with same people, same college, same profession and 
different professors. Thank God for no Saturday classes but
oh, everyday has to end not earlier than 5PM! Thinking
of it makes me feel very occupied everyday! Another hectic
schedules, sleepless nights to finish what's on the 
deadliest lines, so on and so forth. I guess I just really
have to prepare on what's going to be life has to take in.
I welcome again my self to another hassle bustle life
of a college student. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Places I Wanna Go

 I think the best job in the world is this; Traveling places to places without any limitations. Do you agree? Well, I hope. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Blog Giveaway (CLOSED)

Photographs Are Forever first ever giveaway!
I know this is not too much of what it is but this
serves as my thanksgiving and massive gratitude to my
readers nationwide and even worldwide! 
(As what's seen via Flag Counters)
Let me start this first ever blog giveaway with a 
simple fashion accessory from ENVY Manila.
Read the mechanics below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mood for Blue

The hardest part for me is saying ciao to my friends and loved ones so as leaving a place I love visiting the most! I was away for a while to spend my holiday season with my
relatives back in Manila. But sad to say, I really have to go back to Davao and work on my clearance and enroll myself for the third trimester (which I already finished earlier this day). I just love spending my days, roaming around the city with friends which has so much big difference back here. To think that I had the worst comeback here in Davao! Did I ever tell you I had my worst fever/colds/cough eveeerrr?! Well unfortunately, I did and I was sick as hell and it lasted for 2 and a half days! But Thank God, it's almost gone now. 
So, so, so! Here's up. While waiting for my departure, had a chance to sort of "shoot" in the Airport and thanks to my cousin for this though some were blur but still, I like it!
Some photos were not taken in the airport, I just wanna add it up here since I'm wearing a shade of blue too, right? Right!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Silhouettes & Sunset

SM Mall Of Asia is a tourist destination that has raised the standard of shopping, leisure and entertainment in the Philippines. This mall is acutally the second largest mall in the Philippines after SM North Edsa and perhaps the third largest mall around Asia. And wow! I am precisely being a Tour Guide on my blog. Everyday, there are thousands of people visiting this mall. It has actually numbers of stores inside the mall, restaurants and stuffs like that. I think this is the most visited mall around Philippines. It's so busy and people are so much in a hurry. Last Saturday (5th of January) we decided to watch the Sunset along the Seaside Blvd which is just across the mall. And by night, we watched the 5 minute fireworks display. Well, it's always on Saturdays though. So I was really hoping to capture the best of it and by the looks of it, it's quite impressive, don't you think? :) I love playing with the photos, really. Especially on Candid one. I've already featured about Candid, right? This time, it's about Silhouettes and well, the main subject; the magnificent Sunset
I love how people are really amazed by the sunset. Well so
was I. I don't know how to explain it but from my entire
life and been capturing about this, this is quite different.
The sun looks so sweet and beautiful. It's wonderful!

Monday, January 7, 2013

K-Pop Convention


Did I spelled it right? It's a special edition of 
Photographs Are Forever: The K-POP Edition! :)
I am so excited to blog this! Well, supposedly I should 
have blog this yesterday but since I am so tired and
I just landed, decided not to. But here you go! 
This is for my K-Pop Fanatics out there.
Last 29th of December 2012, the Annual Philippine K-Pop Convention was held inside the PICC Forums 1-3 (Philippine International Convention Centerlocated in the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex in Pasay. I, my cousin and our friends
was there to attend the 4th K-POP Convention. It's our second
time to attend these kinds of festivities. 
Last year was at SM Megamall Atrium. 
I must say, PICC was full-packed with so much of a screaming
and die-hard fans to their biases, group idols and so much more! There were a lot of merchandises sold inside and standees
of most of the K-Pop groups. And I mean, from head-to-toe merchandise. It's a bit pricey because most of their stuff are limited edition. So, let's get this on started! 
But let me ask you first, Who was there? :)
I know, I'm not a K-POP Fanatic but likewise, I don't 
hate them. I'm just confuse about their songs. But that's all.

It was a combination of heat and raindrops as we go along,
waiting and on line up! There were a lot... I mean
A LOT of people (sa labas pa lang)
Photo above was just one of the halves from the people who
were already inside, very early I say!  
Before proceeding to the main entrance for the main event, you
have to sign up your name and donate a fee for the Gawad Kalinga.
It's actually a charitable event and happy to say that it was
very very very successful! 

Now this has been what I was talking about earlier.
The booths! Perhaps there were more than 25 booths
lined up inside the Forums 1-3. I have to collage it
because it's too many! 
It's crazy right? PINS, PINS and MORE PINS! This was actually
half of the pins sold. I also bought pins for my friends :)
I have a crush on him. He's from CN Blue. I know! He's cute :)
Jang Keun Suk and I... on standee!
Merchandise inside the booth! It's massive.
Talking about fashion shoes here! I am in love with those of them! I wanna buy a pair but I think it's too hassle. 
Maybe next time. More pairs I guess.
I just wish these are all mine! 
The K-Pop Convention experience was never dull because of them!
I'm gonna see you next December pretty lads! 
And yes, they looked so serious and I am the only one smiling.
Faces with Carl! Cute :)
Faces with this lad right here, Elton. So as cute!
I am so in love with the color orange right now.
It's so vibrant and I just love the lace on top,
 well so as my pretty headband on pink! 
Pretty lads beside me ;)
This paper served as my ticket. Unfortunately, I didn't complete 
to collect all the stamps since people are going loco to have it.
But congratulations to all the winners! :)
I pretty much enjoyed every single second inside
the forums! Another experience for us and looking
forward to this years another convention. Though
my feet really hurts because of the whole day
"lakaran-with-siksikan" sesh. It was all worth it
and to think that a lot of people enjoyed it too!
See you again people to the 2013 K-Pop Convention

To see all the photos from the event, click and visit
the Philippine KPOP Convention Page on Facebook.
Click here.

*Were you there? Well if you do, let me know! 
Tweet me here: @eishellecellona

Are you ready for this? 
My first Blog Giveaway is so ready and I'm gonna
post it on the 11th of January 2013. So wait for
it. And if you're following me on Keek and Instagram,
I just made a hint for it! 


Happy 2013

HAPPY 2013th 
Hello my dear readers! This is probably and obviously my
first post for this Year! I am so happy that I am home now
because I was in Manila for 9 days and I just arrived yesterday  here in Davao. I wasn't able to bring my
laptop since I think it's heavy and I have more important
baggage. (Well, laptop is important too).
I would like to apologize for the spontaneous trip and
wasn't able to blog it. But so much for that, I had an amazing
9 days in Manila. Well, I am really celebrating my holidays
there, since last year and I am staying with my relatives.
I know, I am so late to blog about New Year. Well as they say,
it's better late than never. ;) 
The assurance was that I brought my camera with me.
It's always with me whenever I travel. 
If you are following me already on Twitter, perhaps this is
not new to you since I've been posting numbers of photos
on my Lockerz or sometimes I TwitPic it. 
So much talking! It's time to share with you my 
shots from the New Years Countdown which was held in 
Mall of Asia | Seaside Boulevard
GMA Countdown matching the spectacular pyromusical show.
It was really THE best night for the countdown.
Happy to say, the weather really cooperated with it and
the photo says it all. Moon looks so sweet and perfect! 
Wherever you go, there are bunch of people roaming around the 
venue and by the looks of it, MOA was jam-packed with 
people who are excited for the countdown. 
I've been Tweeting about this all night and happy to say
that MOA did Re-Tweet some of my Tweets.
So who was there? The first 5 minute show of Fireworks
was from GMA when Ryza did her signature dance.
If you're a Filipino, well you know what I'm talking about.
It was really a jam-packed party brought to you by 
Tanduay and GMA Network.
After the 5 minute pyromusical show. We are back photo bombing
before 2012 will end! Capturing every moment before we say
goodbye to the awesome year 2012. So as you can see, that's
me (on the left) and my 13 year-old cousin, Ireyn.
Aren't we cute? We made history before the clock strikes 12! 
The cute headbands was from the K-POP Conference
2 days before 31st of December. 
*Stay tuned for the K-POP Conference post tonight!! 

It was the time to say goodbye to the amazing 2012.
I had a goosebumps because of the countdown. I admit, it
was my first time to experience such things! People are 
so excited, happy and all the positive words I could ever
tell. The Seaside Blvd was the bomb. When the clock strikes
 12, everyone welcomed 2013 with a 15 minute Pyromusical Show.
And there was me, trying my best to capture the colorful
fireworks display. I happily watched it with my eyes wide
open and of course, smile on my face and thinking:
I hope my mom and dad is with me tonight.
Yup! You got that right. I wasn't able to spend my holiday
with the parents because my Mom's out of the country
and my Dad is in Davao. It's sad but I never forget to
send them messages. 
To all the people who greeted me personally and sent
their thoughtful messages, I love you so much! Thank 
you for the efforts you exerted though I replied it
so late since I was so busy that night! Hahaha! 
Enjoy the photos! I know this is not as bongga compared
to the other countries but at least!

Wishing everyone to have a great, blessed and prosperous 2013.
May you and your family will be happy all throughout the year!
Nevertheless, I wished you welcomed 2013 with a prayer and 
Thanked everyone who has been part of your 2012. 

After the countdown, Tatis treated 4 of us to ride
THE MOA EYE! It was my second time to experience it though.

The light props is what I bought along Seaside. I fell
in love with the colors so it's now with me. Hahaha!
MOA Eye View from the top! It's not blur but it's the 
smog that captivated around the Metro.
It was one another experience that I would never forget.
My stay in Manila was never dull since 2010.
I'm in love with the city and the people. I always go home
with a bunch of memories with me. But the most important is that
you should not spoil your day no matter what people are
doing unto you. They don't make and complete your vacation.
It's yourself that do it all. 
For the last time, Happy New Year to everyone who
is reading this. I really have a feeling that this
year would be so much fun. I take this year as 
a challenge. Likewise, a blessing too.

I have so much more to blog so stay tuned! 
I will give you a hint, my next post would be
all about K-Pop! So let me know if you're a K-Pop
addict and wait for my post. 


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