Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jump In

Spending one of the last days of being a freshmen with these people! From the past few weeks, well as we all know, March is a graduation month for almost every schools in Philippines. Some people has to say goodbye to their Alma Maters and in their case, move on to the next chapters of their lives. But in our case, more of trial and error process for the next 2 years. (If I don't transfer school, or in fact, us). I mean, for some reasons of course. So, let me start this out. PWC got its huge lettering just in about the entrance to our school. You can obviously see it whether you like it or not. Totally contrast the colors since it's already summer. Our classes will totally end on April since it's a Trimester school. We have to bear with it. Leaving you with some... or should I say our vanitation-salutation. Haha! ;) Enjoy!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Definitely Summer ☀

It is summer once again. Everyone's heading to their summer destination which is not new to every Filipinos. Philippines has so much to offer. From Highlands to Islands, whether you go from North-South or East-West there are always places to visit. To everyone, it's already summer. But for me, it's not yet. Why? Because we still have final exams on April. And P.S. I miss blogging so much it hurts! I definitely need to get my SLR to Canon but since it's a holiday, I have to wait for their message and confirmation. This post is really old but since I haven't blog this yet, let me. Just for updates on my blog since I missed it badly. It is very common that everyone's heading to the beach or pool to get rid of the heat and or tan themselves. Way back 2012, my cousins and I went to this river which is quite far from the city. It's real good since all you can mostly see are the green leafy trees and everything about nature. Well, I love nature. Here's some of it, get a splash! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spectrum Party

 Madayaw! (It means greetings). If you're wondering why I'm not blogging about the festivity of Araw ng Dabaw is that my DSLR is in Canon for the mean time and have to be fix within 2-3 weeks. I know it's horrible! But it never stopped us to enjoy and party! Last night (March 16, 2013), DJ Callum David was in Davao for the Spectrum Party! Everyone was enjoying and definitely dancing to the songs. Callum was there from 6pm for his meet and greet at the Atrium and start the party by 8pm to 12 midnight so it was a long playing sesh! I was with my friends, Shareen, Paul and Ate Neesha who treated us the whole night. From tickets to drinks! Some of the photos below aren't mine so credits to the people who took it. Some photographers also were taking photos of us in groups but I have no single idea on where I could grab the photos and blog it! I wish someone could tag me those photos on my facebook. Haha! If you're reading this, please do :-) Enjoy the photos below as much as we do! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eden Nature Park

Today has been my worst yet THE best experience of my life. Worst? Because I flew from Indiana Jones ride-ish. I mean, it's the amenities offered in Eden. And the worst-est was, my DSLR went error and I was about to cry but I still have to check it in Canon. Awful!  BEST, because to sum it up, I had fun and for me, it's also my Advance Birthday Gift. Well obviously to myself since I will be turning 17 tomorrow. I know! :-) As a Tourism student, we have to encounter Tour Guiding which is we are the Tour Guide (with its destinations and attractions separately) just within Davao City. There will be professors who will evaluate our performances. So the main highlight of this Mock Tour Guiding was our visit in Eden Nature Park (that's located in Mount Talomo, Toril, Davao City) which offers so much. From relaxation, sight seeing with the overview of Davao City, and their offered amenities. If you want to stay for a night, they also offers good service and such. Talking about food? Well, I guess they have THE BEST buffet offered. I mean, the fruits were as fresh as ever, ah good food! Before I go preaching over everything we did today, and Eden specifically. I will let the photos do the talkin'.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Celebrate

 It's another year for another festivity to celebrate - The 76th Araw ng Dabaw! Since last week, I can feel that Davao City and Davaoeneos are preparing for the big event held every 2nd week of March of every year. It's one of the grandest celebration for the thanksgiving. There will be street dancing, floral float parades, competitions and after parties! It's all over Davao. Since I live within the heart of the city which is really the downtown and center of all business critics, it will be another jam pack of people for the whole week and it is starting now. Along the Streets of Palma Gil just beside the most visited park in Davao, which is named People's Park, there's a GINuman Fest with the live bands and shots which I know not new to you. So if you want to stroll around Davao, come and join the party. If you're not from Davao City, and really wanting to go here, book a flight and accommodation, ready your camera's and don't forget your smiles! I assure you that you will leave Davao City happy and contented and wanting for more! There will always be more. If you've been reading my blog since, you will experience the Kadayawan every 3rd week of August of every year. Well so much for this.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Running Busy

Finally! I could blog again. The start of this month has been so hectic and way too busy for me and us! But first thing first, I really miss blogging and I cannot believe that this is my first blog post for the month of March. And thinking of my birthday is 6 days away! I cannot believe I'm turning 17 this month! So back to what's up, if you're wondering why we're busy like it was never been before is because we had our Midterms exams, catching up deadlines and we really have to strive hard for each subjects. I am so glad I can rest my feet and body and get back my 8-10 hour sleep (or maybe more!) that's what we really need. And I am really happy that Midterms has finally ended. Now, we're gathering all our energy needed for Finals. But before anything else, let me share with you some mems we had from the busy week! 
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