Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mom, I love you

Today is the last day for the month of April. Let me just take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my mom (well both of them though). But since the celebration for Mother's Day will be more days before, I will just post this then. So my mom had her month vacation back here in Philippines. I just can't believe that she has to leave so soon, which was yesterday! I actually don't feel bad (okay, a bit) but not really since I had a month with her. Spent so much with her! I just miss my mom that much, even one month isn't enough! I've never been so happy having her here, I can share gazillions of thoughts I've been thinking and then there's mom, always ready to listen and advice such things. I mean, to anything I guess! She's the best ever. I couldn't ask for more or so! Last night, she has to say good bye to the Philippines and head back to Africa, since her job is there. Last nigh (my dad, cousin and I) accompanied her to the airport. Her stay in this country was really not enough but at least, I know she enjoyed it. Love you mum, you're the best-est person I've ever known! Enjoy the photos! :-)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teenage Kicks

What has been up, readers? Today, I'm gonna blog about what we did that is so cool and interesting which I have been doing from the past 3 years already. Ever since I got into photography, Canon is always the number one camera/DSLR I consider the most easy yet sufficient and elegant. Every year, Canon is holding a Photoskwela from different places in the Philippines. This year, they take off to Davao City which was held in SM Atrium. The guest speakers were Troy Monsod and Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman. If you're familiar with them, then you know what who the people I just mentioned. Both of them are big names in the industry of Photography. They're both ambassadors of Canon Philippines. I've met them before so I was familiar with their works and shots. It's always nice and different which is great! Talks and techniques that they have been sharing to so much people from the past few years. Every time Canon will hold Photoskwela's, the Canon team never fails to send me mails or contact me personally. I'm so glad they remembered me! Thanks for that. So to make the long story short, take a peek of today! Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day Four: Just Capture It

Our fourth and last day of the tour has finally come to and end! Awwweee sad but at the same time, we all had fun! So our itinerary for that day was to visit Overview which is amazeball, lunch at Seagull mountain resort and lastly, visit Philippine Eagle Center. Leaving Bukidnon was so much in a hurry since some of us woke up late and I haven't finished packing my stuffs yet. But thank God, the bus didn't leave us then. We have to travel hours to get to our destination, which is first the Overview in BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao) road. I have nothing else to say but... the view was truly captivating. It's so nature-y and refreshing but everyone went loco to the "pasalubong" corner which is on the hallway. So much for that, enjoy the view and the photos! :-)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day Three: Bukidnon City

Blog post tour finally on day three! Hooray! Well, it's sad to leave and say goodbye to the awesome Cagayan de Oro but everyone has to. On the third day, we are heading to Bukidnon. It's like Tagaytay/Baguio scenery, yet it's located in Mindanao. It's cold and foggy even if it's summertime. The place is totally relaxing since there are thousands of pine trees surrounding the place! The view's are great too, sad to say I don't have photos of most of it since we were sleeping all through out the travel. This wasn't my first time in Bukidnon, but first time in Waig Crystal Spring Resort. Yep, that's we're heading. We had an overnight there, which we were freezing in coldness plus the air-conditioned rooms were bummers! There's so much in that place, though. You may avail with their cable cars, horse back riding, hanging bridge, the zip line and their pools and so much more! Check out their official website, just click the link: Waig Crystal Spring Resort. The tour wouldn't be complete without photos, right? Check out my shots! Enjoy :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day Two: Iligan City

Second day of our tour! This day for us has been sooo tiring and exhausting but it was all worth it. We have 4 destinations to visit for this day namely: Divine Mercy, Maria Cristina Falls, Timoga Spring Resort and last but not the least, The Tinago Falls. Before leaving Cagayan de Oro City, we had breakfast at Marco Hotel, the food were really great! Before 10am, we depart the place and head on to Iligan City. Iligan City is a first class highly urbanized city in the province of Lanao del Norte which is also in Region X, Northern Mindanao. If you're familiar with this, I bet you know what I'm saying. If not, you may read their Wikipedia. It is just a small city, people that're simple living and it is the home of The Majestic Falls. The supply of water in this place is massive! Why? Because Maria Cristina falls is located here. You'll know so much about this later! Second day of the tour has been amazing, seeing the wonders of nature you could ever imagine! I never thought even just in Mindanao, there are thousands of beautiful creations. It's truly more fun here, I preach that! Anyway, this is a long blog for tonight! So much views I'm gonna share with you. I hope you will have fun and gain knowledge on this. Enjoy! :-)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day One: Cagayan de Oro City

Hello bloggers! It has been almost a week since I last updated my blog. Well, as promised I am going home with so much for you to look forward to! I am heartily so excited to share with you what has been up from the past 4 days of our Cagayan-Iligan-Bukidnon Tour! I am sure, you do too. I hope! 3 words: I HAD FUN. So let me start it right now. Last April 15, 2013 we had to prepare for our stuffs that we're gonna bring, we woke up as early as 3 or 4 am to make sure we will not be late for the trip! As early as 5am, we assembled and waited for the 2 buses in school. Luckily, we waited not too long. It's actually not my first time to travel there since I was born in Cagayan de Oro City! We were all patiently waiting for our first destination which is our Breakfast en-route in Traveler's Fast food. After 2 hours (estimated) we arrived there. Our lunch was served in Bukidnon, a local restaurant (which I forgot the name) couple of hours away. After which, we got excited because we're about 4 hours more travel to Cagayan de Oro City! Here's a suggestion, if you love nature I bet you will be amaze with the view of the mountains and green leafy trees! I assure that. You should travel by morning to see the thick fogs within the mountains and see it clearly! We can't stop along the highway to check out the view because we're on a scheduled tour. But it was amazeball! Nonetheless, I will not take this any longer, here are photos from our Day One in Cagayan! :-) Enjoy! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let the Sunshine In

Oh hooow there! I never in my life was a morning person. For the record, I sleep by morning and wakes up by afternoon. That's how my Summer rolls, maybe I just have to deal with it. Why don't I like mornings? First, I don't get the essence of waking up so early. Though I like watching the sunrise and that's it. After watching, I get back in bed. I know, I'm that weird. Since today is a Sunday, family day and so on. This has been my first time for a longest time to wake up as early as 5AM, because usually during regular days, I get up by 7AM and do something real productive. Like today, going to church with my Mom, listen to the homily and be blessed! After which, the mass ended at 7:30AM which I still got to drop by at McDo and eat something while going back to the house. Actually, the real deal is, church is just blocks away from home which is having an option between walking and walking. Just kidding! But it's actually true. As promised, I had a mini photowalk with my camera (yipee) and Mom who held my things. Thanks Mom! 
I got some shots while passing by to the streets. Since it's early in the morning, it's not yet a busy hour for mostly everyone. And it's Sunday, like duh! Anyway, the morning was gloomy. So I didn't get too much of what I was about to. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Call It... Summer

When talking about shopping, always count me in! I think for most girls, shopping is one of the ways we can express our emotions. Physically, and the way we choose our products. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Today, my parents and I had a quick shopping before my 4-day tour. It's a class tour for Tourism Students that has Philippine Domestic Tourism course. So before it, my mom treat me to... voila, my second favorite to H&M, Call It Spring. After a long wait, it has finally opened its door to Davaoeneos last March 22, 2013 in the newest mall, SM Lanang Premier. Nonetheless, while we were looking on the bags (which is... all my favorite!) this vintage looking bag caught my attention! From far, I fell in love with it! I know, cray but superb! So anyway, I wasn't gonna buy it but I can't take to prolong it since I've 1 day left before tour. Thanks to my Mom, which has also a crush on the bag.. she bought it for me. Sweet mother of Christ! ;)
P.S. And as a promise, before I have to leave for our 4-day tour on Monday, I promise to have my Sunday post which is tomorrow! Stay tuned for it and enjoy this blog post.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sparkle Up

Hello ladies! One thing you should know about me is that I am a massive fan of nail polish. I own like more than 20 of it in different colors! Mostly, I only like putting something natural colored-enamels and nothing else. I don't do sparks or nail arts. But somehow, when my mom and I were in a shop, I fell in love with this Winmax Nail Sparks, if I'm not mistaken it's a Japanese nail enamel. It's not familiar to me at first but when I tried it on my index nail, I just loved it. Unlike any other sparkies that doesn't last too long, Winimax is different which is nice. They also have different colors of sparkies but I chose this nude one and pair it with different colors I have. Let me share with you with boosts! :) Enjoy!

Monday, April 8, 2013


I know, I know my blog title for today is a little bit creepy. Haha! Not that I will be talking to the Thai horror movie "Shutter" but I will be talking about my camera. Yes! I got it back today! I was in Canon center earlier this rainy afternoon with my mom to get it. It's been away to me since last week of March! Ugh, such a very unlucky time. But anyway, the photos below are some of my "excitement shots" riding home Lol! Feels like I have my new DSLR but not! I missed it big time. It was away from me for almost 3 weeks because it got to the Error 99 which is the error for shutter. I consumed 100k shots from the past years I've been using this babe. If you're a photographer, you'll be familiar of what I'm preaching about. So, to get this straight I had to leave my camera to them, change some parts which is the shutter and the battery holder. Big cost but let's not just talk about it here. Naaweee, I am just so happy to have it back and update my blog from day to day since it's also summer vacation for mostly all of us. Better stop talking and let the photos do their thing. Not much but I'm working on it. :-)

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