Sunday, May 26, 2013

SarBay Fest 2013

It was yet another experience for me to be there. Travelling to the South was my first time and probably not my last! SarBay Fest reach 70k guest during the 2 day festival and it was craaaay! The people there were amazeball, they're so hyper, dancing, and the best part was meeting new people from there. Love 'em! To make the long story short, take a peek of what we did. SarBay Fest was probably a year ender for most of us!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WTB: SarBay Edition

Am I feeling already the heat? YES! Am I excited to hit the beach? VERY YES! Today, I'm gonna blog about "What to Bring: SarBay Edition" and "What's in my bag" for the 2 day event! 4 more days left before the biggest beach event in Mindanao and getting Re-tweets from @sarbayfest on Twitter makes me more excited about it! There's no such thing as over-packing bikinis and today I'm gonna show you my new picks! Take a peek on what's what. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Egyptian Classic

 تحيات And that means "Greetings" in Egyptian! Hello readers! It's been somehow weeks from my last blog post. I've been somehow busy doing my personal errands and such! Well, most of you knew that I am a massive fan of Dream Catchers and to addition of my collections, here's a new one given to me by my dearest Mom which was bought from Egypt by her friend. Oh and by the way, Belated Happy Mother's Day to lovely Mum's out there! Going back, this one's a bit strange since we all know that Dream Catchers are made up of wood, in a circular shape and has feathery designs. This one's made up of metal and shaped like a jelly fish (or am I being imaginative enough? hahaha!) I've been researching it on Google lately since I am strangely amazed with it. It's beautiful, don't you think? Unfortunately, haven't seen any of it on the internet. Even photos, none. I guess I'm lucky enough to have a different aura of collectible. Well if you know something about a bit of this, let me know! And oh, I haven't done any edits with the photos except for adding watermarks, and I am such a happy kid knowing I'm getting better and better on photography. With a little help of my external flash, lighting and good angle. Canon always works awe-incredible-some! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

SarBay Fest 2013

Are you hitting the beach this May? Do you want to explore beaches and places you've never been to? Then this is for you, SarBay Fest 2013 (Sarangani Bay Festival 2013). This is the biggest beach festival in Mindanao, if you'd ask. Sarangani Bay is located on the southern tip of Mindanao here in the Philippines. General Santos City or commonly called by the locals as GenSan is one of the Philippines most important cities and ports, is located on the bay of Sarangani, making it one of the busiest. Well so much for that! Let me take you to the Festival. This coming May 24-25, 2013 (SAVE THE DATES!!!) it is gonna be a one hit of a big party knowing that a lot of people were talking about this on Facebook & Twitter, and that includes us! SarBay Fest will be held at Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani. 
Did you know that the island of Gumasa is titled as the "Little Boracay" in Mindanao. 
You may check out this blog as well
or just simply type Gumasa Beach on Google to see more!
Since it's compared to the majestic, pure sands of Boracay it's hence in quite similarities. Though I haven't been there, my friends told me that it has really good quality of sands and clear blue waters of the ocean. Oh, this makes me feel so excited going to Gumasa, barefooted and enjoying the breeze of the wind and the pristine waters of it! Mindanao has so much to offer! I have been telling you this for the longest time. You can never go wrong if you will travel the highlands to Islands of Mindanao.

Friday, May 3, 2013


It's once another month to deal with. More of only a month before classes will begin and that doesn't want me to start yet! May 1 & 2 has been both productive to me well because of so many reasons. The second day of this month has been more of like it! I did a night photo walk, it's my first time so I am not good at lightning and my I can't control my hands on being shaky. So I decided to title my work today "Motion" since people & cars are moving. The subject I have today is a bit more interesting since I went to two of the busiest streets in Davao City. First stop: China Town (Uyanguren) and the second stop: San Pedro Street. I think most of the photo-walkers loves to go here since it has so much! From dusk 'til dawn or sunrise to sunset. Besides, you can find everything under the sun in these so-called people's shopping retails! If you've been here, probably you know what I'm talking about. Well if you're Manila, it's like Divisoria or Baclaran--- something more of it like that BUT cleaner and much safer because there are Patrols who roam around the street! If you're fun of the so called "Ukay-Ukay" or "Wagwag" then here's the perfect place for you. From clothes to shoes to bags, name it and it's there. Well patience is totally in need to this place since there's thousands (or millions) stuff to find! 
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