Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Break

 OH MY GOSH!!! *SCREAMING!* Good Lord, finally it's officially Christmas break! Ended Nihonggo exam with a buzz (iykwim) plus bonded with my good friends. I just can't contain my happiness knowing and thinking that this year has been so awesome and I am so grateful to the blessings and struggles mostly at school. It's been one of the busiest Trimester in my college life. So happy that second trimester has finally ended. School's out, holiday break in! Since I don't usually bring SLR lately, I make use of my phone anyway. I wasn't suppose to blog this but whatever, I just wanna let you know what happened today. I know some of you are already out of town or maybe out of the country to start celebrating the holiday season and good buys too. I hope you're having fun as much as I do today. ;)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Garnier Anilao

If you'd ask me what would be the most unforgettable moment that happened to me before this year ends was #Sembreak2013 in Mati City, Davao Oriental which was held last October 25-26th! Since it was a 2-day party, there were tons of people who joined and enjoyed the madness including myself and my friends who was also there to witness. Watch the After Movie Video here: #Sembreak2013 
Plus, Mati will always be the place where magic happens. Perfect beach, sun, sand, place, party and people. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Retro Peach

I am now a first-time godmother of the cutest baby I've ever seen, Baby Luke Marcus. Since I already posted the summary (hope you already read it last night!) of what happened to Baby Luke's Christening, let me share with you my outfit post yesterday. In case you're wondering why I'm blogging at class hours is because I don't have class today, which is a good thing 'cos the weather is so nice and really cuddly! *Hugs* So back to the story, I'm now getting used to an outfit post though my blog isn't categorized on Fashion Blogs. Lol! My good readers, bear with me *winks* I haven't been traveling lately to places due to my lack of time and busy schedule ahead of us, college students! Plus it's already the start Final exam week and I have to double time and exert a lot of efforts on minors. To make this short, you may continue reading and see the photos below! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Luke Marcus

Something went well and special today, December 15th! The Christening of Baby Luke Marcus and me, being a first-timer "Ninang" (Godmother)! Oh gee, Baby Luke is the cutest and I am so proud of his parents which was my high school batch mates and good old friends! Speaking of good old friends, some of my closest in high school was also there which made me so happy seeing them again. Had some good laughs and talks about life and school! Gosh, I miss them to the extent. It's a blessing to us, having Tracey as our friend, accepting her baby as our "pamangkin" plus I would never say no for nothing. Proud as well, though at their young age, they can handle the parents' obligations and needs for their child. To make the story short, see our photos below! ;)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Have you ever been to a party where 90% of the people are great dancers? Well we do! Last November, #Retaliate strikes Davao! Had couple of shots, dancing, selling, and more shots and dancing! *Puff* If you've seen my post earlier about this party, you'd have any idea about what up in Retaliate. I always love parties because I get to meet a lot of new friends and they all seem so nice and crazy! (Photo by Klyde Jarabelo)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Carte Blanche 2013

The Queen of all late! I know man, Carte Blanche 2013 is already 1 month old since it happened. But there's no such thing as stopping me for not posting a blog (even if I am sick for week!) about the crazy, wet, wild, ecstatic EDM Party ever held in Davao --- Or maybe even in Mindanao! The first ever Electric Music Carnival / 3D Party held in Mindanao. How cool is that? After straight parties before, one of the most unforgettable was CB2013! I can't contain how fun that one night was and what excites me more is that I heard, next year will be 2-day EMC Carte Blanche party! 

Monday, December 9, 2013


It has been for ages since the last time I posted a good entry on my blog! Gee, I missed you to bits! *Hugs, hugs*. I've been so busy in school (naks! lol), plus I am sick for almost a week now. Crazy right? This post was supposedly last month pa! Apologies. Anyway, I kind of took advantage of being a Lana Del Rey wannabe because of my floral crown which was made by my good friend, Bianca Sabellano from Fine Arts department. I also have another one which I used during Carte Blanche 2013 party. (I'm gonna blog about that soon! So stay tuned). Been also too flory during this shoot, from skirt, head piece to background! Earthly love indeed. As you can see, I cut my hair shorter and until now, I don't see any improvements! (*Cries* I want my old, long hair back!). Anyway, enough being a drama queen. Take a peek of what's inside! ;)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Fashion Ensembles

Christmas Fashion Ensembles
It's December! What's on ding? Christmas time, presents, family time, and holidays. We call it, the most wonderful time of the year. As to start this of, here are some ensembles I created via Polyvore which I recently downloaded today. A guide to your Christmas fashion holiday. 

Boohoo short shorts

Vans sneaker

Crossbody handbag

Tie dye glasses

Tech accessory

Love, Eishelle C. 💗
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