Friday, February 14, 2014


Have you ever been to a situation when you feel like you don't wanna leave a place knowing that there are people whom you will not see for a long time and stuff like that? It sucks! I have so many friends who are really close to me. Well, aside from Davao friends, might as well I have these funny and cray people that didn't missed any minute to make me laugh (out loud!!). I never expected they'd escort me to the airport and see me leave (Sobs*) Anyway, not being too dramatic or something, every time I go back to Manila yearly, it always amazes me that these people whom I spend most of my one whole day there would be one of my closest. And I am so glad they never attempt to forget me! LOL

Saturday, February 8, 2014

18 and Something

Last month, my cousin celebrated her 18 years of existence (and counting!) here in this world. Everything is amazing when you turn 18! Oh gosh, I can't believe I am turning 18 next month. Although, I am already having almost 90% freedom that my parents are giving me, going to places, parties, hangout with my friends far from home and stuff like that. Well of course, I still have to ask permission but they always say "Yes", especially my dad! And I am also excited to turn 18 since I am longing to go to Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Those were just part of my bucket list a very long time ago! Always wanted to break free when I get older. Travel to places I've been really curious about. Age is really just a number, I always have this in me that I should seize every moment because it might never happen again. Always have fun but with limitations and not all those who wander are lost.

Friday, February 7, 2014

5th K-Pop Con

Last year of December 28, one of the biggest Korean Pop Convention took place right at the heart of the city, SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. I know you are wondering, am I a K-popper? NO, I am not. My good friend Mimi has a spare ticket and she decided to give it to me for FREE! Yes, I am lucky enough to get in despite of other screaming fan-girls and boys who wasn't able to get a ticket ahead of time including some of my Manila friends. Since I am in the area as well, I decided to just take it and see what's inside. I am not familiar with almost every Korean Boy and Girl band there. The only band I knew is Super Junior which is obviously too popular around the globe. That day, I got to see Lunafly, LC9, Boyfriend and Acian. There were other performers who I got to witness but unfortunately, I never knew them. I am not into a K-Pop thing but since music is totally universal, I get to listen to some of their songs on MYX! Their music videos are the bomb! They have the awesome-est costumes, make-ups and set-up. The boys are really cute as well as the girls too! Love their hair and hair colors. Always wanted to try something and dye my hair in green or blue but it's not just allowed at school. LOL! Anyway, I also love Korean fashion sense and style. It's something that is very unique, creative and colorful. I loooooove seeing their bags and especially their shoes. It's so stylish and cool! I never imagined, the Korean Pop took over almost every person in this country. Everyone seems to be a fan and really loving the sense of it. They sing and dance to the music, they even copy and remake the steps! What I saw during the event was, almost everyone inside was a die-hard fanatic of every fandom! It's amazing seeing how devoted they are to them. See more photos below! If you want to see K-Pop Convention last year, click here.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Day in Binondo

Hello readers!! My lovely readers!! *Just assume that I am screaming for excitement!* Finally, after a month or two I am finally back for good on blogging again! I can't contain the happiness I am feeling right now, and I can't wait to share with you the good and unforgettable things I did since last December of 2013! I know, a lot of people were wondering, perhaps waiting for another entry, and I am extremely sorry for being away that long. I will truly try my best to never leave you and this blog behind. *Cross fingers*. So anyway, going back to the entry post today, and since it is still Chinese New Year! For those of you who doesn't know, Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days starting of from January 21 - February 21. Last December, before Christmas, my good friends and I went to Binondo. Binondo is the oldest Chinatown in the world which was established during 1594. Binondo is the "Chinatown" district which is located in Manila, Philippines. It became the center of commerce and every business you could imagine! It is the home of almost 90% of Chinese people, or Filipino-Chinese who are chose to reside in Manila for too long now. Aside from Binondo, we also stopped by at Quiapo but we didn't stay for too long since it was a Friday, and little did I know, every Friday is so-called Quiapo Day which thousands of people gathered inside and outside the place. It was way too crowded that you can't barely move. Plus, your belongings should always be on safe. We'll talk about that later. That day, we went to a church called Sta. Cruz Parish, and for the record, I made a wish hoping it'll come true! *Winks* More exciting stuff and photos below so continue reading! 
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