Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Woke up did not know we'll be leaving Mati City by the afternoon.
It was a Sunny, great weather to spend time on the beach. It was early in the morning that we have to prepare because we are going to Masao. Supposedly, we'll be going home on the 30th but due to the schedule conflict, we had to leave so soon. We didn't expect it though. But despite from the unexpected plan, we DID enjoyed our day in Masao. We also went to Dahican for the last time to swim there, we stayed there for only 30 minutes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calm and High

Third day in Mati City: Overwhelmed
We woke up so late on that day that we can't
even remember what happened last night. Barely
remembered anything, it was insane! 
So we gotta hurry up 'coz we're going to the beach
to buy slippers and swim. By the afternoon,
we went back to Dahican Surf Resort because
Ate Neesha want to experience the waves in
Dahican! It was a quick swim though.

Surf Party in Dahican

When the Sun has finally set, everyone's preparing
for the party, even us! We went home to have dinner,
and clean ourselves. 
So before you can go in, you have to buy a ticket.
For Girls, the ticket costs for only 150 pesos and 
for the Boys, 200 pesos. 
Both with Free 2 Drinks and 1 Hour Free Surf Lesson
in Amihan sa Dahican just beside Dahican Surf Resort 
Dahican was full packed of people from Morning to Dawn!
The crowd is somewhat insane, but fun! There are a lot of
surfers and travelers all over Mati City. 
It was a crazy party after all. Enjoy some of the photos!
I really wanna post everything in here but sadly, some pictures
are prohibited. Hahaha! Here's a couple of
night shots.

A Quick Escapade

We have a couple of hours left to swim and enjoy the 
waves in Dahican. The sun is starting to set and thank God,
Ate Neesha arrived like 4PM. 
The people in Dahican are starting to arrange
the place for the Surf Party by night.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Havaianas Invades Dahican

Havaianas finally arrived in Dahican!
It's because Havaianas is part of the 3-day event.
Can you believe it, the price of their sleepers range
from 500 only and above, depending what 
design you want.
If you're gonna buy 3 pairs of Havaianas
you will get an Inflatable Thong which is a perf
for the beach! And yes, lucky us we had avail there
once in a blue moon discount.

Displayed Inflatable Thongs
You'll get one if you'll buy 3 pairs of Havaianas! And we got one ;)
Aren't they a cutie? :)
Smiles on our faces for having new pairs of Havaianas.
The Giant Inflatable Thong (Slipper)
This is the freebie they're giving if you had
to avail 3 pairs of slippers and you can choose
your own color too!
Thank you Havaianas for invading Dahican


Half Day Happiness

To formally open our super day in Mati, we woke up
a bit early (for us) to prepare for the long day on the beach.
In the morning, we spent our breakfast just inside the
house and by the afternoon, we went to Dahican Surf Resort.

Neon Sun

On the first day, we all had to prepare all our stuff for 
the trip. Clothes, Slippers, Swimsuits, Money
and of course, a camera! So basically, I will
be posting the photos from top to end and I must say
Now moving on, let me tell a bit of what happened.

It was almost 3 in the afternoon when we left
Davao City. Actually, we are so excited that
 we thought it could be much earlier so we
went to Nica's house, almost lunch already.
We waited for 2 hours I guess before the car arrived.
During the trip, we are yet so lucky to catch
up the Sunset. I forgot what Municipality
this is.
My friend was freaking out (even us) to see
such a beautiful sunset. It's Neon! Can you
imagine how magnificent it is?
Well, here you go. Photos I and my friend
had taken using my Canon
We actually stopped off road to witness
the sunset. It's so fast like, fast fast
and we are like Whooa whooaa!

This is how beautiful the neon sunset we 
saw during the trip.

So we arrived in Mati, almost 7PM (something like that)
and when we got to the house, it's actually full moon.

I know what you're thinking. It's just like a light
but it's actually the full moon. Using my 
Ultrasonic Lens, you can really see the moon from
above but when you click it, this is the result.

I am so excited to share more photos about our trip (second trip) in Mati City, Davao Oriental! There's so much more to preach about and I hope you're excited too! YES, this has been our second trip to Mati. The first one was last summer 2012 and you can see the photos on my other blog here.

I know you're excited as much as I do so
STAY TUNED for more photos! :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Early Getaway

Holla! Our 1 week Vacation has finally started! I just can't wait to go to the beach and have fun and enjoy the sun! Basically, I'll be out for a couple of days. I'm leaving Davao tomorrow to spend the 5 days in Mati with Shareen and Nica. It'll be our second time around to spend our hoho week there together! Excited and way way egzoited! We missed the place and I know, the place missed us too! ;) When the time I posted about the Dahican Surf Party last week, a lot of people were Tweeting me about that. And I am happy that some of them were already planning to go to Mati too, so we'll just see each other there I guess. I'm sure, Mati City will be full packed! 

I haven't really decided yet on what clothes or how many clothes I'll be bringing. BUT my friend(Shareen)and I bought some pieces of tops earlier! Cheap finds some place in Anda Street, Davao City. All their swimsuits are so affordable and very trendy! 

I'm loving Neon's and Tube tops. I think
it's very easy to wear and yet comfortable
just make sure to have your top with you (or not) 

Went to Salon today to have my Mani-Pedi
with Shaa. YES! Girls are really ready when
there's a trip.

To spice up your attire. Put on some bracelets.
The Yellow one is my Favorite, it's from a friend
and since I'm in love with Yellow, she gave 
that to me. (Thank you Nice!)
The other laced bracelet is from WAGW. I also
love wearing that because it's very light and soft.
AND OF COURSE, we're going to the beach. 
A must-not-forget- is a sunnies from Rayban! 
Very important.

Another Top and I just love the striped 

The shell bracelet and the color combination
laced bracelet 
 I bought in Mati last summer

Sunnies from Vans

Watch from Timex
Watch is really important to me. I am just
a time conscious and I cannot afford to waste it.

The last and third top I bought. I love Blues! 
It makes my skin looks whiter and fairer.

I KNOW! I'm way too in love about Native bracelets.
I keep them whenever my friends are giving me one 
or a pack! 
Bracelet with Cross cost only 20 pesos in ER (Mati City)
The three light colored native bracelets are 
from Bukidnon. My father gave that to me.
And the one on top is from BOMO. 

Since we'll be there for only a couple of days
I'm planning to bring light stuffs only.
I think JanSport will be enough.

Since I don't have a beach bag
I think I'll be using the bag on the right
to stroll.

(Thanks Mom, you really know what's 
my style)

I'm in love with the IPANEMA Aztecs
I'll be bringing and using my IPANEMA
slippers and since I think that It'll
be perfect for sand! 

There will be so much more after the vacation and
I cannot just wait to share it all to you! 
Pictures and Experiences
Like I said, I think I won't be 
able to update my Blog for 5 Days but I'm
hoping you will still visit it anytime! 
Feel free to comment or send me mails
and will surely get back to you on that!



Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo Blog: JUX

 I just made a new photo blog on site. Really thankful to found out about this. It's a perfect site for all the Photographers or even just a hobby to post out your pictures with style! 
I am really glad that since I am a newbie and hence, I just made an account last night, there were several people who re-posted my photos and the liked it! I'm getting emails on who were the persons re-posting it and if you're one of them and reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Big love, lots of kisses!

Wanna know more about JUX?
Visit their Website and create your own! It's very easy 
and I am sure, you will find it awesome!
Visit my Photo Blog here to find out more!

Simply the best showcase for your content
Get it started, guys!

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