Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bangon Pilipinas

I think everyone is aware with what happened on the recent devastation caused by the super-typhoon YOLANDA, with an international name HAIYAN. If you've seen the news, especially on CNN or even on your local news, as well as the photos on social networking sites. It's worst than hell. But there was still a positive outlook despite of the catastrophe happened --- the oneness of people all over the world. Helping, donating, volunteering in every way they could. Even on the simplest things they can do to help. From the past few days, after the catastrophic event happened in Visayas region where there were a lot of lives lost, economy was down, there were looting, a lot of people got sick, lost their homes, and the worst, their dignity to themselves. People were starting to feel pity. Donations overflowed but it wasn't too quick to response due to the downfall of electricity and communications were offline due to the typhoon. But now, the electricity was restored in Visayas region. Despite of not blogging for too long, I was busy helping out and volunteered at Philippine Red Cross, Davao City Chapter. Here are some of our photos from day one to day 5!

DAY 1:

First day as a Philippine Red Cross Volunteer. Represent! 

DAY 2:
This has been one of the most enjoyable and worth it day as a volunteer. I invited my classmates to come over at PRC with me and help out as a team. I am so proud of what we did because I know that these people gave their spare time as a Volunteer. Carried out heavy boxes, sacks from 1st floor to 3rd floor of the building. But we didn't mind how tiresome it was, instead we look for some positive outlooks like the victims of the typhoon. We also pack bottled waters.
Free dinner at Philippine Red Cross for Volunteers! 
My wonderful and on the go F2 Team 

DAY 3:
Invited another set of friends to be a volunteer and I wasn't disappointed since they really helped and do everything they can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for lending your time and feeling the vibes from that half day of work.

DAY 4:
Earlier, my team helped out sorting clothes at the third floor of the building. But the personnel's advised us to go down and help them load the goods that were already repacked.

DAY 5:

It was so overwhelming and heartwarming feeling knowing that those thousands and tons of donations will be going to the Visayas region by tonight. That feeling when we help out load the stuff and knowing that these will be given out to the people who were victimized by the super-typhoon Yolanda that caused Billions of damaged in the region. Food, water, clothing, shelter, medicines, toiletries, shoe wears, and other basic necessities are what they need the most. No amount is too big or small, as long as you donated something. As a Filipino citizen, my heart wrecked as the people in Visayas region were. My greatest sympathy to all the people who lost their loved ones, their houses, and dignity as a person. We will always be here, people from all over the world will be here to help out. You are not alone. Philippines and Filipinos will rise again. In God's hand and perfect time, we just have to trust in Him and His powers. 

Philippine Red Cross, Davao Chapter are still in need of willing volunteers. As you can see on the photos shown above, there are still thousands of need to repack and sort. So if you have spare time, kindly go to their building fronting City Triangle. Also beside Marco Polo Hotel, Roxas Avenue, Davao City. Your help is needed! In kind donations are still accepted. Clothing, water, medicines, ready to eat/open food, temporary shelter (like tents), shoe wears, infant clothes too. 

In this most needed time, a little help won't hurt. Just think of the people who will be using and will avail all the donations that are given. We are too lucky to be alive, breathing. We can still wear our clothes, greet our families, eat some good food, etc. Unlike 90% of the people that were victims of Yolanda can no more live like their lives before. God Bless and more power. 


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