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It has been forever since the last time I posted an entry! Oh how I miss blogging! *cries*. I have been so busy with stuffs that's why and since today is already November and there are few more weeks before December, let me fill you up on what I've been up to! Last October 25th-27th, my friends and I went to another epic party in Mati City, Davao Oriental for the #Sembreak2013! And the crowd didn't disappoint us for being so wild and fun! It was waaaay better than last year. It's all over Instagram too! Just search for the key word #Sembreak2013. To make the story short, here are some cray photos we took before and after! 

The famous Sleeping Dinosaur upon entering Davao Oriental
Sibala Beach Park, Dahican
First day | Arrived at 2pm and had lunch at Mang Inasal
It's a good thing I din't bring my DSLR since the party was so wet and wild and the all the people there (including me) ended up throwing beers! 
Day 1! Mati has the nicest weather on its first day. Love it! 
We were the second group to fill in the second tent city on the left side of the venue. 
This was our view for 3 days straight! Ain't that great? :)
See our wacky faces on my Twitter and Instagram! @eishellecellona
The girls with my friend Chuck Maurice from Magic 89.1
Nica Rabat and I were covered with beers! I swear, it was wild! Lol
The after party! Our feet were so numb, I can barely feel anything! That night was full of happiness, dancing, and everyone got so wasted!
On the second day, at 4am the other set of friends of mine went to Amihan which is approximately 5 minutes away from Sibala. Another session and continuation from last night's mocks! Haha! 
The "no tulog" faces we have right there.
2nd Day! Burning hot.
I woke up at 10am and my friend Meg, had to wait for me to wake up since she had gotten more sleep than I do. So mirror shot before anything else while waiting for the shower! Can I tell you how wasted and dirty our feets are?! It was insane and superb that everyone there didn't care. Lmao!
We had some "our-time" under the sun that's why I had too much sunburn lmao! 
We took the tarpaulin last night since we lack some covers! Peace yeeeewww ;) 
Man, the heat of the sun was superbly insane!
The wave wasn't that harsh to the people. So we decided to get some shells from the shore despite of the heat.
Second day | Hangover, tired, sleepless, and everything you can imagine!
Gorgeous sands at Sibala! You should try visiting the resort if you can! 
Talk about money well-spent on cheap happiness, shared to the fellow animals on a hand cup size. -@thustooknikki | Grabbed the statement on Instagram! Caught me well ;) 
The beach is always a good idea to chill! By afternoon, we took the big bike to get to the city proper since my friend and classmate checked in the hotel just in front of the bay walk in Mati. She also insisted that we should go there since we can't bear the heat in Sibala. We took our lunch in the hotel and fortunately, I was able to charge my phone, got some 3G connection, eat, thank God it's cable and SLEEP 'til 5pm or more! At 7pm, we had our dinner at Rombohan BBQ station. Good heavens, it was so good and delish! A must try whenever you're in Mati.
You can see how red my skin was! It hurts ya know ;( Shameless group selfies while waiting for our food to grill!! 
And so we headed to Sibala for the second and last night party! There were more people expected and Deuce Manila was there too! Aaahhhhhh!! The happenings are still fresh in my mind!
Major hangover! 
All throughout the night, it was raining so hard and thank God we brought our jackets with us or else we'd freeze to death! 
Third day | Good morning from the beach! It was really cloudy until 8am! So we had some breakfast, took the shower, cleaned up our tents and stuff. 
And so we had to say goodbye and til next year in Mati! We had a crazy, fun and unforgettable time in Mati and we will surely be back for more next year! Saw so many friends and familiar faces in the crowd! Mustard Seed Events truly rocked and banged another party! Everything was so damn good and worth it! Looking forward to next year! I hope to see you there fellas :*
P.S. Blogging on phone ain't easy.


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