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WTB: SarBay 2014

FIRST FOR MAY - Forgive me for delaying this blog post that was supposedly posted on the last week of April. And guess what! It's already May and almost making its way to the second week. LOL! I've been so busy doing some personal stuff from the past few weeks and I was waiting for some mails to arrive but due to holiday/s, it has been postponed. Anyway, to get this straight... I know, everyone (or maybe almost everyone) is counting the days for SarBay Fest 2014! Count me in because I, too is excited! I've been also saving up and listing down some of the things I need for the 2-day beach festival. Hence, Mindanao's Biggest Beach Festival. It's extremely advisable to be prepared and give allowance ahead of time than on or one day before, and you should always have to list down all the things you will bringing to the event. In my case, I always double check the things I'm bringing and going to use whenever I travel especially when the event/venue is beyond far from my home. Why? It is because sometimes, at some point, there might be some cases of losing stuff especially when there are too many people or simply because you're just clumsy on losing things. 
SarBay Fest is a free-for-all-festival. That means ANYONE can/may go. Most of the people that are attending are checking in to resorts in Gumasa or hotels/inns/pension houses in GenSan. Unlike in any other known and touristy beach destinations, Gumasa has just minimum amount of rooms that can occupy hundreds or so tourists so you really have to reserve and book months before the actual event or else you'll end up staying in tent, that's why most of the people that are coming to SarBay Fest will be staying in tent city which means they are camping in for 2 days.
Here, I'll show you my hot picks to bring for SarBay Fest 2014. It's actually my second year to attend the biggest beach festival in Mindanao. It excites me even more because I'll be going with some of my closest high-school friends. Later, before this blog post ends, I'll give you some tips on how to survive the madness in the 2-day beach festival. But before that, let me show you the stuff I scored in such low prices and real good-finds! 

1.) Cheetah Print (Neon)
Animal prints are oh-so trendy right now. I guess it never goes out of style! I love the fact that this bikini combined with animal print and my ultimate obsession, neon! It's so catchy and I love how vibrant it is. Super perfect for this summer! 
2.) Watermelon Combination
This one is simple yet the color combination is considered as the always summer colors. Neon pink and lime green always a go-go! When you try to mix 'n match colors, make sure that it doesn't lack vibrancy.
3.) Turquoise Mayhem
Man oh man! I've been looking all over to find crotchet tops and finally I found one and it's black, it matches every color you want for your bottom and cover up! Pretty much all of the bikinis above are my favorites. 
Get and buy your bikinis at Kristine Collections on Facebok!

1.) Monopod (Pink)
This is one of the most trendiest thing you could find almost anywhere and everywhere! Everyone seems to have one and I say, it's very useful especially when you're an outgoing person who just don't want to miss every scenario on the trip. You can order this on Instagram! 
2.) 3-in-1 Lenses
I am obsessed with the lenses! It's very chic and artsy plus it's very useful to take landscapes or anything especially when you're too lazy to use your way too heavy DSLR! It's very lite and very easy to use! Order a set on Instagram too! Check out my last post to find out where to order a set! Here.
3.) iPhone 5/5s Cases
I actually have tons of cases collection. The case I use the most during parties is the blue one (or aquamarine). I think it's just perfectly made to protect every corner of my phone.
4.) Waterproof Bag for iPhone
As promised, I finally got myself this neon colored waterproof bag from Vanity Closet (on Instagram) today. I am so ready for SarBay Fest! This is just perfect for outdoor parties or whatever since there will be a lot of thing we might want to consider like the foam party or what else. I don't have to worry anymore about my phone since it's in safe somehow. Tip: You should get and buy yours now before your phone/s, cash, etc will soak in water! 

(Mostly for girls)
1.) Caress Nail polish
I'm a massive nail polish addict. I have different colors and since it's summer, I'm picking up neon... mostly neon nail polish. It's perfect for festivals! 
2.) Vitress Hair Polish
I always make sure to polish my hair whenever I go out, besides who wants a freezy hair anyways. 
3.) Sunscreen
We all know that it's whatever degrees Celsius high outside especially when you're at the beach. Since Philippines is a 100% tropical country, it's very important to protect your skin against UVA & UVB. So don't forget to put on sunscreen all over your body and face if you want to enjoy the sun and the beach! 
4.) Mascara, Eyelash curler, Lipstick and blush-on
These stuff are always in my bag. I never go out of the house without putting on mascara and lipstick. Just those simple things and you're good to go. A piece of advice, just don't overuse in putting on some make-up especially when you live in a tropical country like Philippines because it's freakin' 40 degrees Celsius outside and trust me, instead of looking adorbs on your new make-up, you'll end up looking like a flower that din't get enough water. So ladies; lipstick, powder (and sometimes mascara) are all enough. Either way, always remember that you are beautiful when you're you.  

1.) Neon Bangles from boutiques
2.) Native bracelets
3.) Polarized shades
Upper; from Rainbow Project | Below; from Greenhills 

What came in the mail today is the WAGW cap that I ordered straight from Cebu. Though, WAGW has a branch here in Davao located in Abreeza, then I got out of stock on the item. I was suppose to get the What A Guy Wants but, unluckily I wasn't able to purchase ahead of time before it sold out and the fact that they won't restock never again plus the cap is the only one left so I had to grab it. If you want to see more, visit their website on www.shopwagw.com

Fringe tops are the bomb right now! I've been looking for the longer fringes and guess what, I scored two! Plus a bustier shaped top is also one of my hot picks.


We all know that there will be a lot of people coming in from different places in the country to witness and experience the once a year event which tons of people, including me, are waiting for. And mostly, we are all coming with different group of people and good company. SarBay Fest is a one of a kind beach festival since it's open to all. Like, anyone can go and everyone's invited since it's free and you don't have to worry for your tickets. A.) Camping sites are also available along the Gumasa strip. You don't have to worry on where to get your B.) food & drinks since there will be hundreds of stalls and kiosks from different fast food chains, barbecue houses, etc during the 2-day event. Maybe some of the prices gets a little bit higher but I assure you, it's very affordable and will surely satisfy your hungry like a beast tummy. A huge dining area will also be catered during the event. C.) Arts and crafts will also be sold in SarBay Fest. You can purchase a lot of native hand-made stuff like bracelets, necklaces, dream catchers and so much more from different kiosk there too. It's way more cheaper compared to the one that are sold in the cities.

1.) Always bring bottled water day/night when you are in Gumasa. Gumasa is like a combination of desert and beach. Hence, Gumasa is the name of the beach strip/island.
2.) Wear comfortable and lite clothes. It's very very hot during the day and you really need to find a shady spot for you and your friends (if you are not checking in to one of the resorts). Wear shorts and shirts that are not too cotton-y. Also, bring sunnies, hat, shawl, or whatever that you are comfortable using. During the day, there will be a lot of activities and contests that will be held just at the venue. You can enjoy it for free too! 
3.) Bring jacket/s. When I say it's very hot during the day, I meant it. But when the clock strikes at midnight to dawn, it's freezing. You really have to double coat at night especially when you're going camping by the shore. 
4.) Wear slippers/sandals. This has got into me that I can still see people who are going to the beach wearing sneakers (and worst, jeans). What on earth are you thinking? I'm no fashion enthusiast but come to the party on a decent clothes please. When it comes to footwear, flip flops will be perfect since it's sandy. 
5.) Keep your belongings with you at all times. Before you head to SarBay Fest, always have this (waterproof) pouch or mini bag to keep your things in place. (i.e., cellphone/s, cash, power bank, lipstick) and make sure it has zippers/locks for thieves protection. Speaking of thieves, we really can't say that there will be a zero chance of not having those kind of people in the event, right? Though, there will be tons of police and police patrols roaming around the vicinity, we just have to be more extra careful with our stuff. Nonetheless, everyone wants to enjoy the night with a hassle-free time, right! 
6.) PUT THAT SMILE ON AND HAVE FUN. Last year, there were 70,000 attendees (including me and my friends) for days 1 and 2. It was jam-packed with party people from different places and the fun part was, we met a lot of new friends there! Everyone is really friendly and humble.

Only less than 2 weeks more to go before SarBay Fest! I bet everyone's preparing and excited for Mindanao's Biggest Beach Festival. I really can't wait to be back this year! I think it's gonna be so much better and bigger. Watch out for second night because there will be a lot of surprises that you don't want to miss. I hope this blog post helped you on what to bring and tips to survive the 2-day madness.
 See you there on May 16-17!


SarBay Fest 2014 Survival Guide

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