Monday, May 26, 2014

SarBay Fest 2014

It's been a week or so since SarBay Fest 2014 took place! I am super excited to share this with you guys the moment I got back to my place but I was a bit unlucky to transfer our gazillion photos on my laptop because of some instances. Long story! Anyway, as far as I remember, I had so much fun with my friends on the 2-day event. We were boozin' like a boss! Being at the BIGGEST BEACH FESTIVAL IN MINDANAO is sick! Can you imagine having 120,000 attendees (and I'm one of them)! If you're following them (Sarangani Bay Festival) on Facebook, then you would know what the heck I'm talking about. Since it's my second year attending the festival, I'm really happy to meet new people there from different places in the Philippines and hanging out with my good ol' friends. I saw a lot of familiar faces at SarBay too which is nice! I just had a great weekend, and to make this long story short... take a peek of the fest! (Photo taken by Cocoy Sexcion)

First Day/Night
Where we stayed: Jovinaj Traveller's Inn, General Santos City
(Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes drive to Glan)
Their SM is humongous! And GenSan is really hot. Better get your sunnies on!
SM GenSan Panoramic View
Quick reminder! You should always have a backup for your phone; like a spare battery or powerbank, which is really very helpful at all times! But in my case, I wasn't able to buy powerbank/powercase for my iPhone ahead of time. I saw a lot of my friends at SarBay but the thing was, my phone is just too drained to function. Really a bad timing! But either way, first night was amazing! (See photos and videos on my Instagram account!)

Second Day/Night
Second day/night was my favorite. We went to this sassy mall in GenSan called Veranza (photo above) It's so cool, they have two twin falls at the back of their mall which is probably the main attraction. 
Veranza Mall GenSan
Excuse my french, but I'm really bad at taking panorama photo/s! LOL! That ain't a limousine but I just made it, obviously.
While on our way to Glan, I just witnessed a beautiful Sunset. I really am a lover of sunsets. (See my photos and videos on Instagram! @eishellecellona)
When you're at SarBay, even at night is really humid. I was sweating like a pig all the time and you really need to re-hydrate every single time though they sell bottled water in a very very high price so it's better to have yours stock in the car or tent or anywhere! 
Personally, the best part of this year's SarBay Fest was the 10-minute firework show. It was grand and really amazing! I wish I could share the video here but I'm bad at editing. Plus, I posted a video on YouTube but it has something unrecognizable by Google+. The fireworks this year was way different than last year! And can you imagine that there were approximately 120,000 people who attended this year's SarBay!!! I KNOW! I just freaked out when Sarangani Bay Fest's official facebook page posted it. I'm so glad that my friends and I were part of the madness! 
I just did party my heart out at this year's SarBay Fest and I'm proud I'm with Team Davao forever!
I got a question; So did you represent your city? :) 
This beautiful photos was taken by Cocoy Sexcion from SarBay Fest's Official Photographers. These two photos are my most favorite! It's amazing how he take it using a very high-tech GoPro or something like that. 
This was also featured on Rappler. You can read the full article here: SarBay Fest 2014
SarBay Fest is getting bigger and bigger each year. A lot of people coming over to experience the Boracay in the South and I assure you that it really is beautiful. I say, you should visit this other side of the country that will truly captivate your love of sea! It's nice that Sarangani is coping up with the growth of Tourism Industry and it's really awesome how it grows each year. With the population of a hundred thousandth or so, Sarangani will be one of the top tourist spots and a must be destination in the country by the moment you'll know it. If you were at the event, I hope you had a grand time as much as we do! See you next year, party people and beach lovers! 


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