Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lost at Sea

Summer has officially ended --- I don't like the term but I can't do anything about it. But before all the sadness overflow, let me take you to a paradise called Isla Reta. The resort is located at Talikud Island, IGACOS. It's far from the hustle and bustle life in the city plus it's just an hour away from Davao by taking the boat. It's already June and we have to make the most out of what's left before school starts by Monday! I have the busiest schedule this time. Boy oh boy! Really fully loaded but thank God for no Saturday classes! Alright, back to the post. I just had an amazing weekend with my college friends. It's my first time to go to Isla Reta and it's such a beauty! I could live there and bonus to the fast 3G connection. LOL! Oh, I tell you, the water is just as clear as crystal and the sand is fine as powder. They also have rooms/cottages which we had stayed at over the night, it's cozy and nature-y too. If I'd rate the place, I give it a 10/10! 

Isla Reta, Talikud Island | Panoramic View
Am I making you want to visit this place anytime soon? If you happen to be in Davao, you should experience Island Garden City of Samal. It has hundreds of resorts and unspoiled beaches that will satisfy your cravings for nature! You can choose from different resorts there, of course! If you're the kind of person who loves adventure, then Samal is perfect for you! I assure you, you won't regret it. Visit their webpage for more (You can also check the rates from different resorts on the page) : Island Garden City of Samal
I tell you, there's always time for selfies and group-fies so never leave your camera behind especially when you have this kind of view! If you happen to be one of my followers on Instagram, I posted videos and photos on my page too! Go check it out (@eishellecellona)
My friends and I went up early to enjoy the sun and the beach. I think I got darker, just a bit because I can't risk my skin for getting too tanned! And if you really don't want to get dark, swim at mornings and put on some sunscreen protection always. 
Embrace the sun! Sometimes, I wish some moments never ended. I have to say, I love Summer 2014. I should make a memory capsule of the summary of my Summer 2014 soon! I'm hoping I could go to Siargao and Baler by next summer though. I always wanted to try surfing there, I heard the waves there are too awesome! ;)
Snap! We have to leave and face again the reality. Like what I said, I wish some days lasted forever! Another amazing time with my friends and this huling hirit sa tag-init escapade literally made my summer really sunny and yes, I'd love to go back anytime soon. Probably going to try different islands too in Samal
Bye bye beach! See you soon :*
I'm thankful I live in a tropical country. LOL! No, really, I say, Philippines is just gorgeous. It's abundant in so many things. Been searching so many destinations and oh boy, I never knew there are still a lot of checklist I need to do here in my own native land before I die! From highlands to Islands, different destinations and so much activities awaits. I would really love to travel after I graduate in College... soon! It must be so fun to experience different culture even for just days. I have one year left in college and I should do my best in it, hopefully. Since I'm also a Tourism student, I should really check out what this country really offers. But for now, I'm gonna leave you with all the photos and stuff above. I hope you had an awesome time this Summer as much as I did! It's unforgettable. To all my friends who has been part of my summer, thank you and I love you. Let's do it again next year and to many more years! By the way, I see my blog just made it to 24k views. I AM ENTHRALLED! Thank you so much for visiting this page despite of the lack to update it from time to time. I love you people, you rock! Kisses :*

Here are some videos I got from YouTube! Enjoy! :)

It really is more fun in the Philippines! 

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