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Babu Santa

Babu Santa --- one of the best beaches I have ever been to so far! It's like just 2 hours away from Davao City. Yes, it's that far but I assure you, super worth the bumpy ride. A lot of tourists visits the island in a short while, mostly people who are island hopping and scuba divers, they usually spend an hour or two on the island to eat lunch and chill. Just like we did. But we din't avail the island hopping tour, we just go there with our stuff and spent the night over. Also met a lot of good friends! It was unexpected though 'coz they were on the resort before ours so we actually din't think of meeting friends there, well except for the locals. But it's a good thing since they were really fun and super accommodating! Shout out to the squad <3 Thanks for the good food too! It's so much fun that I don't even wanna leave the island #SEApanx. It's a remote island, means it has limited time using electricity, there's a bad reception, no internet connection, limited water (which you really have to secure!), but oh my goodness, unlimited fun! Yes, I can't stop using fun --- okay, euphoric x nostalgic! 
Babu Santa is located in Island Garden City of Samal, Talikud Island. From the word "Talikud" or "likod" which means back, is literally at the back and tip of Samal. To know more about the history of the Island, go check out this page. I will also post "How to Get There" and stuff like that below. Enjoy the photos and the long post <3


1.) From Davao City proper, take a ride (cab, jeepney or if you have private car, much better) going to Sta. Ana Wharf. It's near Magsaysay Park.

2.) There's a regular boat ride schedule from 10am and 3pm daily. Boats going to Talikud Island are Pacific Boat, Jessa Boat, Shirly Boat, Gracee Boat. Boat fee is Php 65 only each person. The boat will drop you at the nearest port of Talikud Island. From the port, you have to ride a motorcycle that will take you to Babu Santa. Motorcycle/Habal-habal ranges from Php 50-65 each person.
From Davao City - Talikud Island is approximately 1hour travel.
From Talikud Port - Babu Santa is approximately 45mins to 1hour. 

3.)If you're the adventurous type of person, you can take a bus from Kaputian. Which is 2x longer travel than taking the pump boat. From Davao City, take a cab going to Sasa Wharf and pay for the ferry fee which is also the entrance fee of Php10, that will dock at Babak Port. From there, take a motorcycle that will take you to Penaplata bus stop -- there's a bus going to Kaputian Island, 45mins to 1 hour drive. Arriving in Kaputian, take a fishing boat going to Talikud Island. It's kinda pricy if you're traveling alone. So it's so much better when you're grouped. You can also negotiate the price of how much if going directly to Babu Santa. 


1.) FOOD & WATER. As I have said, there's a very limited supply of clean water in the island. Like, you have to pay for every gallon of fresh water. While in the city, bring lots of water for drinking and cooking. Taking a bath is optional if you really wanna feel the island life. ;) 

2.) SHELTER. If you want to live like an island girl, bring hammock or mat. Find a shady spot and voila! you're good to go. But don't forget to bring jackets and blankets. Like the thick ones. I swear to the ocean, it's freezing at night to dawn! Good thing my friend bought a blanket. If she hasn't, I'd freeze to death! 

3.) POWER BANK/S.  Is going to be your new best friend if you're planning to stay a night or two in the island. LIMITED ELECTRICITY AND YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT TOO! We all know why. So if I were you, before going to a remote island like this one. Fully charge everything you gonna use. GoPro's, Smart Phones, Speaker, etc. You don't wanna miss a photo op not be able capturing that moment, do you?

4.) SWIMSUITS. If you're not afraid of getting dark, then wear something you're comfortable with. Flaunt that body of yours! It's summer anyways. 

5.) GOOD COMPANY. You don't wanna spoil your vacation if you're with people you don't like, right? So tell your squad to get off that couch and actually start living! Enjoy precious moments of life, you will never know unless you try something new.  
The first day was all gloomy and chill! We spent the whole afternoon dipping in that crystal-like beach they have! Aahhh! I can still feel it! LOL! 
So you see, it feels like you own the island (but you don't) and it's all yours because tourists leave the island around 2pm and it's so rare to people having to stay over unless you really want to. Just like we did! 
If you ever visit the island, don't forget to try their buko! Fresh from the tree. It's Php25/each and it's super sweet! <3 Top that island girl of yours.
Next morning
I woke up really early because it's so called that I was shivering. So I decided to walk on the strip alone since my other friends was still asleep. Took this panoramic view at 6 in the morning. What do you think? 
When the sun's starting to rise, I decided to go back to sleep since it's not freezing anymore. I know, I love to sleep anywhere! 
Let me take you to a place where the water meets the sky! I could actually live here. But I won't promise. Haha! I just thought of "what if I'll leave everything in the city and move here for good? What will happen to me?" Neh, it was just too early I was thinking too much. 
Go take a dip at 7am onwards coz the water is super clear. It's like you're in a pool but it's not, and it's salty (but don't get too excited and put sunblock!)
I miss this one already! Look how calm and nice the water is. I love how this beautiful island is unspoiled by irresponsible tourists. Keep the ocean clean, people! 
(First night) We were hoping for a sunset but then the weather din't cooperate :(
Water you doing up there? #wittynabaako? Hahahaha!! 
BOODLE FIGHT is not literally a "fight". It's more like a feast with numerous viand and lots of rice prepared on a banana leaf. TOO GOOD! <3
SEAparation Anxiety strikes again! It's really more fun in the Philippines! I'm so thankful to live in a tropical country like ours. Davao is soooo blessed with weather, nature and unspoiled beaches like this one. I totally recommend this island to everyone who wants to leave the stress in the city. Never mind the bad reception... just enjoy the scenery and the beach! I love how I'm here and not looking at my phone, not worrying about something not worth it. It's just plain happiness and shaka! If you happen to be in Davao, don't forget to pay a visit this tropical paradise. If you have questions, kindly leave a comment below. I hope you're having a grand time this summer! Cheers to more salt water, sandy toes, cold beers and sweet coconut juice! Hope you enjoyed this blog post. #IslandLife

Address: Talikud Island, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao City, 8119

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