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SummerFrolic 2015: Feast on Waves

The long wait is over! Whoosh - but let me tell you the bad news... this is going to be a very long post because duhhh, #SummerFrolic2015. Don't fight with me on this! Ok ok, let me start with greeting you all a very merry summer 2015! Yup, in the Philippines and other Asian countries (and even other parts of the world), it's already burning hot that's why people are flocking to different islands and beaches nearby. Good thing we live in a tropical country ;) If you have been my reader from the very beginning, you would know that SummerFrolic has been a huge part of my life. It's because a.) it's held in my most favorite city which is Mati City, Davao Oriental - 3 hour drive away from Davao City; b.) it's organized by FrolicFox Productions (thank you btw for the awesome lineup and set up!); and c.) I was still with the same squad as last year! Things that I'm excited about summer is that I get to hangout with my friends and family, go to beaches, stay up late, drink cold, iced beer... make s'mores and stuff like that. Plus, you always get to meet new friends which is nice. Enjoy the long post! 

Day/Night One
To be honest, my friends and I aren't supposed to be going... it's really sad! But all of a sudden, we quickly made up our minds to just go.. whatever happens, we should go so we did! We took a van from Davao to Mati. Van is much faster (3 hour travel) than bus which happens to be 5-6 hours and we don't have much enough time since it's already 4pm! Some of our friends were already in Mati so it was just kinda okay since we aren't gonna wait for someone anymore. Around 7pm, we arrived safely in Mati City. Here's a secret, we have no accommodation AT ALL! Can you imagine going to a place having nowhere to stay for 2 nights and everything is fully occupied already, is insane but then God is good, after almost an hour searching for a hotel, inns, motel, pension houses, we were able to book one!And it was a hotel! Thank goodness for the people who backed out in the very last minute. Take note, we haven't ate yet and we didn't mind our growling tummies. So we checked in, it was a really good room with wifi and flat screen TV, plus it's airconditioned so we weren't complaining. At around 8:30, we were preparing for our stuff, ate at the Baywalk Grill and then headed to La-ne's Kapalhayan which is beside Botona. If you're familiar then you would know! ;)  
Accommodation: D' Eterna Hotel
Address: Don Mariano, Marcos Avenue, Brgy. Sainz, Mati City, Davao Oriental
Contact Number/s: 811-12068 or 09752870713
Baywalk Grill
And so we arrived. Upon entrance, we bought our tickets and got our entry passes. Compared to last year, the place, stage, designs, etc., is much more bigger and better! And this year has been jam packed with tourists, as usual. Saw a lot of familiar faces too. SummerFrolic 2015 has made it to the next level! All the decors and lights and the dance floor has nothing compared last year. I think they made a good job! *winks* 
'Twas still really early when we arrive in La-ne's so we looked for our other friends which was checked-in at the tent city. I think it took us an hour to look for each other since there were a lot of people and the tent city is huge! 
Let me tell you another secret: I've a huge crush on Marc Marasigan! Actually, not only me but my other friends too. Haha! We went loco when he waved at us (video is on my Instagram) and then he "favorited" our tweets! Eeeekkkk! <3
View from SVIP section - man, their area is huge! 
You can tell how happy we were! LOL! 
First night was the bomb! <3
The party finished at around 5am (if I'm not mistaken, since we left earlier because it's cold and we were wet from the artificial rain from the dance floor!)
If you want to see my videos from SummerFrolic, kindly pay my Instagram a visit but the quality is really bad I don't know why but they just made IG Videos in lowest resolution as possible *sigh*. If only I could let you see my phone! Haha! Okay, let's move on.

Day/Night Two
We partied responsibly last night, jsyk! :) We din't even get hangover because I promised to myself that I'm not going to drink too much just like last year when I sprained my ankle. LOL! Let's not talk about that anymore. But we woke up really late, I think it was already lunch.
OMG! Meet Meg Veneracion #girlcrush haha! She's the one on the #ILived promotional video of SummerFrolic (previous blog post) 
It's always our ritual that on the second day, we should be by the beach every sunset! For pictorial purposed. Need I say more? :p
Aahhh pretty right? Such a Tumblr photo, but it's not! :) #dusk
Night two! Aaahhh I'm getting speechless. I'm getting emotional coz I miss Frolic already :'( All the fuzz and good happenings are now memories I'm going to cherish forever. Tomorrowland feels <3 
WeRWolvz, our faves! 
Please don't mind my nose haha ;)
All the color dash, paint, foam and water were perfect! Except the fact that the holi powder were inside my eyes! I thought I was going blind but thank God, I didn't. I don't know if I'm going to be happy about it.. or not. It's just that I think too much color powder and paint are not good. Ooops, don't kill me it's just my opinion. But anyway, it's no one's fault since we were literally in front. Still, thanks for making us colorful though our clothes aren't recognizable anymore. Geez! Haha! 

Day Three
Aaahhh, it was a good day in Mati though it rained in the morning but still... the sun came out in the afternoon. Likewise, baywalk rituals with the squad! <3
We never leave Mati without having a photo with the ginormous I <3 Mati sign along baywalk. Yup, it's free and anyone may enter! 
Photos are also on my Instagram page. Just search for Eishelle Cellona
photo by Gabriel de Cadiz
photo by Regi Valenzuela | Ron Poe's official photographer
photo by Gabriel de Cadiz

AWESOME. Yup, it wasn't a bad decision to be in SummerFrolic once again. Frolic Fox never fails to put a smile on our faces. The event was so colorful and vibrant! For a moment, we forgot about reality. #WeLived
Have you ever thought about going to a place where you never imagined you will fall in love with it? If you ask me, life is so much better in Mati. Life is simple. People are so accommodating. It's less traffic! The beach is beyond perfect. And if you just want to relax, lay on the sand. Read a book, listen to your favorite band, or simply chill. But wait, there will always be a negative side of anything good. People will take a photo of the trashes on the beach and putting it on social medias, and blaming the producers. Please don't. Instead of pinpointing other people, why not start doing something. Yes, tourists, hence, irresponsible tourists may forget that Dahican is a beach - a beautiful one - but hey, they are just people too. It's okay to tell each other that we should value and take good care of the beach and nature. Being rude leads to nowhere so we should all calm down, and live responsibly, respect what's theirs and to all the residents. A piece of advice, instead of posting it on social medias creating a scenario, why not get those trash like a normal person. In that way, "nakatulong ka pa sa environment mo". Even I would do that, not only on the beach but anywhere! Littering should have a consequence, but unfortunately we don't have it here in our country. Like, "it's not a big deal". So all I'm just saying is that, you don't have to pinpoint anyone. That's really rude. Even the organizers of the event. I know they're also doing their jobs, telling people not to litter simply because it's their place. No one wants a dirty place, unless you do? And if you see someone litters, confront them in a well-mannered way.

I am proud to say that once again, I Feasted on Waves with my squad! <3 Sepanx feels and SummerFrolic hangover. But thank you again Frolic Fox for making this event possible! I'm counting down the days 'til next year. Can't wait for the aftermovie! I will update this post as soon as possible! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I do. 

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