Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It's been a long time since I last posted something about school stuff-- I bet not everyone know it's our so-called Trimester break for a week! I barely can't feel it. We still have so much school works to do due til Thursday! I hope and praying by then we're over it though. Our Finals just ended last week but last Monday, we had our one last Final exams on PE. Our most favorite sport, Bowling on where I get 95 for the first time since I played Bowling. Lol! Since I am really craving for some blog posts for this week, so I made use of my phone for the reason that I am to lazy to bring DSLR and it's heavy, if you ask! I've been practicing my dialogues for this Thursday's presentation since I am not in the mood to go out and go to malls (well, if you know what I mean on what's happening here in Davao) and if you're watching news often, you know what am saying and it's very alarming AND I can't seem to risk my life then. It's too long story to tell. Back on the post, here's to what happened on that day! 

Talking about Vain-nation (Vaination) with this nigga! ;)
Good to have these niggas back on track! Thankful and lucky to have them though. 

Here's to #OOTD post lol! This is awkward but whatever *ROFL-ing*
I wasn't informed that the floor was too obviously dirty! *Peace out!*
Here's to "What I wore during Bowling". Mix n' Matchin!
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New look? Yes! Exactly! I had my hair done last 2 weeks ago and it's cut short
but the color's just the same. I love how it's too orange-y/brown-y something-ish.
Peach out!
Let me share to you what I love wearing most of the time since I had to post my #ootd thing for that day. 

1.) I love shorts. I have so much shorts stored in my options than jeans. It is so comfortable and it matches to every top I use. I personally love ombre-bleached shorts, knitted shorts, high-waist, crochet-short, lace shorts, and detailed ones like in Aztecs or floral.

2.) Long-sleeves and 3/4ths. It's so fashion-y! Since the ber-months has begun, we should always have couple of long-sleeves in case of chills and the coldness during rainy season. Though we belong in a tropical country, it's okay to wear these kind of stuffs in a matchy weather too! 

3.) Crop tops. They are the most comfortable shirts ever made! You can DIY yours if you want to! DIY and make use of your shirts that you don't want to wear anymore BUT has a very nice and unique designs. Trust me, I tried it many times and I don't have to throw my clothes away but instead, I DIY-ed it! Just a little creativity and imagination will be okay and you're good to go!
4.) Statement shirts and crop tops. I love them! Especially when it's a band's name, superhero/es, icon, flags, numbers, signs, aztec, and neon! I personally wear them whenever I'm to lazy to dress up to meet my friends at the mall to chill. I don't usually over-dressed because if I do, I would look so desperate. 

I wear clothes on what's my choice and the most important is, what's comfortable! You don't want to go out looking ugly. Who does want that?! Well, I don't! Second thing is, it doesn't have to be branded as long as you know how to handle your clothes and you know how to work on it. I say, not all my clothes aren't branded. Sometimes I go thrift-shopping or even the most famous Ukay-Ukay in town! It's so fun especially when you're doing it with your closest friends. You make "tawad" in some pieces and voila! It's all yours in a very cheap price. You don't have to be broke just to wear branded in everything! In this stage of life, we have to be practical in almost, all ways I could ever imagine. I personally reward my self if I accomplished something really big! I usually save up and after which, I go to my favorite store but I don't do it everyday. So I guess this ends my blog post for today! I hope I helped you in a very little way I could give. I think I'm liking this thing. 2 blog posts in one day. 
Kisses to you my lovely reader!


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