Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Party Poppers

As we all know, we are only left with 3 months 'til we say goodbye to the year 2013! How time flies too fast, and it's too odd if we aren't even gonna make use of this year. What I got right here to share with you are the two parties --- Hence, 2 PARTIES! The Sembreak 2013 and The Carte Blanche 2013! If you happen to follow me in any of my accounts (i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) you will know what am talking about. I've been posting their official posters on my accounts too! As far as I know, there are a lot of people who are interested about it. Who doesn't? Apart from the fact that these two parties will be on October and November, I have to post this on my blog for you to think about it and save up your allowance for this surely be remembered event! Well, don't get your hopes down since the official Carte Blanche team is giving away tickets! 

From the creators of #SUNBAKED, MSE (Mustard Seed Events) present the Sembreak 2013 in Dahican Beach, Mati City! If you've been reading my blog from the previous entries, my friends and I went to this party too! If you haven't read it yet, here's the link.
All you need in one glimpse is on the poster and if you're still in doubt, go check out and like their Facebook Page: Mustard Seed Events Philippines and feel free to send in your messages! 
Probably, the most exciting part of this party is that there will be a lot of DJ's who will play and come to the Sembreak 2013! I'm sure, the tourists will be two times bigger than last year's! I can't wait to go back to Mati and spend the weekend with my friends. That actually makes me excited since we've been planning to try on how to Surf and be a surfer even just for a day! Lol! 

The party will take place at Mati City, Davao Oriental on October 25-26th, 2013! Ready your beach stuff and catch up some waves and sun! See you there and let's party from Sun down to sun up! 
(Photo grabbed from MSE Page)

Everyone has been talking about this party lately! Everywhere I go, I always here the word "Carte Blanche" or even the sentence "Uy! Mag Carte Blanche tayo!". I consider myself as one of the luckiest since this party will be held here in Davao City! Yep, you heard me. Talking about parties anywhere in Mindanao, always count me in! To be honest, I've been starting to save up for the SVIP Ticket as well as keeping my hopes up to win 2 SVIP Tickets. Carte Blanche is the FIRST 3D Audio Visual Mixing Party in Southern Mindanao! It's an Electric Music Festival which I'm sure the first ever here in Davao. It's so nice to know that this kind of parties are getting known though it has been done in a lot of different countries. And to know that there are tons of people who loves music. This party will take place at the Crocodile Park Concert Grounds along MA-A on the 16th of November 2013! Tickets are now available. Just follow Carte Blanche 2013 on Twitter and Instagram which are: 
Twitter - @ManicNightnings and their Instagram is @Carteblance2013 and don't forget to add the hash tag #CARTEBLANCHE2013.

1.) Follow me on Instagram @eishellecellona or search Eishelle Cellona
2.) Like the photo/poster I posted on my account which is the official poster of Carte Blanche 2013
By October 9, 2013, the most likes will be the winner! 
Anyone can join this contest, just follow their instructions on their Facebook page which is Carte Blanche 2013. Good luck! 

October and November will be jam-packed party for me! I'm inviting you all to be part of this incredible journey! There's no harm in trying and as long as you will be with the people you love, that's a plus! Go to a party with your peers and enjoy the tune of the sound. I bet, this is going to be a one memorable party for me. It's gonna be awesome! I'll see you in Mati by October, people! I hope I get to meet some of my readers there! Kisses and mark your calendars! 10.25-26.13 and 11.16.13


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