Friday, October 11, 2013


Hi there folks! I haven't been on the track lately since I was so busy at school. Thank God, it's Friday! Ugh! I have pending posts that're waiting for my approval but I don't have spare time to do such. Anyway, accept my apologies. Teehee! I have exciting news and event for you! Comeback Presents...

I know almost everyone of you will be having their Sem Breaks a week from now or so. You're counting down, aren't you? It is such a bummer, our Trimester break already ended long time ago. *tears* And I really know we all love parties! Am I right or am I right? Lol! I've been posting list of parties lately, you would know if you're following me on Twitter (@eishellecellona). To be honest, I am so updated when it comes to stuffs like these. Now, I have something new for you. I was invited by a friend the other day about this dance-battle-party called RETALIATE. This is earlier than Carte Blanche so there's no excuse on not going to this event! At the same time it is very affordable and surely fun. 
It's a Dance-battle by day which starts at 3pm and ends by 6pm AND hence, PARTY by night, all night which starts at 6pm onwards. Freestyle dance battle will showcase the elite local talents as they battle it out to see who will rise above the rest. This will showcase not only local talents from Davao but also from other parts of the country. 
They'll be having Reflex Gotangco as their guest judge coming all the way from Manila! And that doesn't end the excitement coz they'll be having Davao's very own DJ NIKKI. Party all night and win some exciting prizes. Join them as they celebrate their 1st Year Anniversary as a group! Oops! That even doesn't end there! A BEER PONG COMPETITION will also take place during the party! Maaaaan, this is too exciting coz you will get a chance to win PHP 2000! Oohh I feel like joining the game. Lol! 
*Beer Kegs, 5 shots, Bongs and many many more surprises*! See you there! Kisses :* Save the date and mark your calendars! 
**Note: Be sure to wear something comfortable and something that can get wet 'coz this will be an outdoor party!** 

Where: Kadayawan Resort Complex
When: November 9th at 3PM onwards.
For more information, kindly contact: 0943-339-9835 or email: thecomebackcrew@gmail.com
Get your tickets now! Visit their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/425250337585574/


Love, Eishelle xx 

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For more queries email me at ecellona@gmail.com 

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