Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Oh, hello October! Let me just start this month with some simple tips I could share and give to you my lovely readers. When you're too bored or just wanted to see new looks on your things, what would you? If you question me, my answer would be "DIY-ing my old shirts/shorts". It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to be creative. I have so many clothes that I don't wear anymore but I do love them and I can't just give it away to anyone (but many of my clothes were donated to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya when my mom was still here in the country to help the people who were totally hit by the typhoon). Well anyway, I was left with my favorites ones! Last week, I made another fringe top from an old red T-Shirt and I wore it when my friends and I hangout for a night. I know, it's already ber-month and it's cold-blah-blah. But since I live in a tropical country, I can't seem to feel the coldness yet! I loooove fringe tops (and bags too!), I think it's too light, it matches with everything (jeans, shorts, skirts) and it's very easy to make one!

My friend and I went to the bazaar just inside MTS while waiting for her sister and a friend. We were in a so-called window shopping, looking for some old and as well as trendy styles for this month. We were in a particular booth called Style Revamp and one of the owner's (or the owner, if I'm not mistaken) maybe overheard me when I talk to my friend and said "B, I should buy this and DIY!" and then she girl said "Mahilig ka rin pala gumawa ng DIY?" and of course I responded "YES!" I told her that the top I'm wearing was a DIY by truly yours. She asked me if it's possible to make a fringe that perfectly (photo above). If you're still wondering, then go to my old DIY post here. Everything you wanna know on how to make your own fringe top! 
There are a lot of ways on how to design yours. You can add up some beads on the fringe or braid it. Anything you like as long as you're comfortable with it! You can also watch some YouTube videos on "How To's".
And since Sembreak is on its way (but not for us, Philwomenians) you may also DIY your shorts. You may bleach it and dye it in any choice of colors you want. I haven't done it personally because I'm too scared to do it. I just haven't gained too much confident to DYE a short or shorts but soon! I'll let you know. I got this ombre-dyed short from No Boundaries. It's already ombre in pink when I bought it though. 
Floral crown. It's too hipster and trendy, right? I got mine from a friend studying Fine Arts in PWC. This one I got is a bit huge to really cover the circular space of my head. If you had happen to follow me on Instagram, you would know! I posted several photos of me wearing this floral crown, even an Intagram Video! 
If you don't want to spend too much of making this, try to recycle some plastic flowers in your mother's vase. The one that your mom ain't using anymore. Some wires or headband or a tiara or made up of garter-headband would do. Try to watch some DIY's on YouTube on how to make your customized floral crown in just a snap or less than an hour! Here are some samples I got from the internet which I was mesmerized!
Giving you some tips on what to wear to some occasions/gatherings just on the upcoming events like Sembreak 2013 in Mati  City which is this month and Carte Blanche 2013 here in Davao which is a month away! I know, it's too early for these but at least I'm giving you some ideas, right? There are so many ways to get done with your old stuff. It's not necessary to buy new, branded and expensive clothes. As long as you know how to wear it properly and of course, with style! Personally, I prefer to DIY some of my clothes since I don't have to worry if I someone is in the same clothes as mine, right? It's too common specially for girls! Aminin! It gets me easily too uncomfortable then and I have tried it once and it was in neon pa! Nakakahiya. So what I am saying is, try to be creative and play with the stuff in your closet, I am 100% sure that you have something that you don't wear anymore 'cos it's out of style. Try to imagine your style, get some scissors and start cutting! I hope I've helped you on something even to its extent of simplicity. Let me know what you've done and you may tag me on Facebook, Twitter or even on Instagram! Kisses :*

I got a new key-chain made of dream catcher from Pasalubong Center
Where: Palma Gil Street, Davao City beside Cinematheque Center
Get yours now! ;)


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