Saturday, February 8, 2014

18 and Something

Last month, my cousin celebrated her 18 years of existence (and counting!) here in this world. Everything is amazing when you turn 18! Oh gosh, I can't believe I am turning 18 next month. Although, I am already having almost 90% freedom that my parents are giving me, going to places, parties, hangout with my friends far from home and stuff like that. Well of course, I still have to ask permission but they always say "Yes", especially my dad! And I am also excited to turn 18 since I am longing to go to Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Those were just part of my bucket list a very long time ago! Always wanted to break free when I get older. Travel to places I've been really curious about. Age is really just a number, I always have this in me that I should seize every moment because it might never happen again. Always have fun but with limitations and not all those who wander are lost.

My cousin just had a mini-party at Max's in Dasma. Honestly speaking, our family aren't into a big and outrageous parties were almost everyone's in it. Plus, some of our relatives lives outside Manila too, it's a bit hassle for them to travel hours! Her friends and some of our relatives were there too. 
You gotta meet my cousin, Cheska! She's 2 and really a definition of food. Isn't it obvious? :") Ahhh! Such a cutie! And check out her outfit too, you'll see more of that later. If you're following me on Keek, I posted her videos there! 
The debutante, Shaira Cellona. Love the outfit! I chose it for her though.
I missed these two A LOT! To the left is Cheska's older sister, Jas. That kid is really clingy! LOL!
My Manila friends who are really close to me! I only get to see them once a year but we always make sure to spend the whole day and night together. 

Nope, the hat ain't mine but I wish! 
Dress and iPhone case both from Forever 21
Gladiators from H&M
I told you, my cousin is really clingy! LOL! 
Really kinda short and quick late message for my cousin, Shaira...

Dearest Shai,
     Hello there! I know you're reading this because I told you so. First of all, I wanted to greet you AGAIN a happy 18th birthday. You're free now, and you can do whatever you wanna do in your life plus just a little more push and step and you're already graduating from college. Since you're 18 now, never forget to have that self-confidence in you. I know, it's in there somewhere. Always believe in your self that you can make it. We all have struggles in life, 'cause we are human. Don't be scared if you made mistakes, thing is, make it as a challenge and a lesson learned. Alright? Always remember that I am here for you no matter what! Wishing you all the happiness in forever and always remember that I love you so much. See you real soon! Kisses! :* 


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