Friday, February 7, 2014

5th K-Pop Con

Last year of December 28, one of the biggest Korean Pop Convention took place right at the heart of the city, SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. I know you are wondering, am I a K-popper? NO, I am not. My good friend Mimi has a spare ticket and she decided to give it to me for FREE! Yes, I am lucky enough to get in despite of other screaming fan-girls and boys who wasn't able to get a ticket ahead of time including some of my Manila friends. Since I am in the area as well, I decided to just take it and see what's inside. I am not familiar with almost every Korean Boy and Girl band there. The only band I knew is Super Junior which is obviously too popular around the globe. That day, I got to see Lunafly, LC9, Boyfriend and Acian. There were other performers who I got to witness but unfortunately, I never knew them. I am not into a K-Pop thing but since music is totally universal, I get to listen to some of their songs on MYX! Their music videos are the bomb! They have the awesome-est costumes, make-ups and set-up. The boys are really cute as well as the girls too! Love their hair and hair colors. Always wanted to try something and dye my hair in green or blue but it's not just allowed at school. LOL! Anyway, I also love Korean fashion sense and style. It's something that is very unique, creative and colorful. I loooooove seeing their bags and especially their shoes. It's so stylish and cool! I never imagined, the Korean Pop took over almost every person in this country. Everyone seems to be a fan and really loving the sense of it. They sing and dance to the music, they even copy and remake the steps! What I saw during the event was, almost everyone inside was a die-hard fanatic of every fandom! It's amazing seeing how devoted they are to them. See more photos below! If you want to see K-Pop Convention last year, click here.

Each year, my cousin, our friends and I always go to this event. This time, it's the biggest or should I say, the year's biggest K-Pop Convention! Most of my Davao and Manila friends are a fan, but me. Ohhh! But it's a privilege to be part of something big, right? People were dancing, singing and shouting. And there I was, standing in a corner trying to look cool and go with the beat. Just... laugh at me! LOL! 
Lunafly performing at the main stage
I love this boy group! Exceptionally, they are all handsome and has good voices too! Aaaah, my heart melted when they sang Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and Closer You and I by Gino Padilla. 
Ate Mimi (left) and our new found friend
Boyfriend performing at the main stage
Oh my gosh! They are all Korean heartthrobs! I just goshes every time they perform. Though, I still can't understand the lyrics and their song but honestly, I love listening to the beat. No, no, no, not yet a fan! ;)
There were so many freebies during the convention! Magazines, mini-books, even the Korea Tourism Organization gave away so much stuff and I got one too! 
He's my long-time crush, Paul Djamir! Ain't he a cutie? :')
Together with the famous "Ulzzang" Lee Jae-shin! He's so skinny! 
The famous "Siwon from Super Junior lookalike", Kurt Sadje
Little did I know, we're taking up the same course! 
I took a photo with his brother too! Edsel Sadje 
Mimi with her long time crush and love, Raymond Anthony Perez 
The highlight of the day was this! Finally reunited with them after a year. They weren't able to get in with me because they wasn't able to get tickets ahead of time! To think that they were the REAL K-Pop addict and wasn't able to see what's inside. Sigh! 
Merchandise, merchandise and more of it! 
Super Junior crush, Kyuhyun
Girls Generation perfumes also available inside! 
Totally fell in love with the concept of a high-low skirt and the fact that it's in blue! 
Partnered it with a crop-top aztec from Forever21 which I also wore during Carte Blanche 2013 in Davao! Plus, the gladiators from H&M. Always "Comfort over Style" before anything else! Since the event is whole day, I don't want to hurt my feet with uncomfy's! 
The event pushed through until 10 in the evening! Exhausting but fun since I met a lot of new friends while we were inside.
After the long-day event, my Manila friends and I decided to have a late dinner at Don Henrico's just fronting the Seaside Boulevard in MOA. I really missed them too much! #Sepanx 

Overall, I really had fun at the K-Pop Con, another unforgettable event for me. Filipino people really did embraced their love for music, especially in Korean Pop! Shout out to Ate Mimi for giving me her spare ticket for free and for being able to see what's happening inside! She was spazzing the whole time and even bought too many to handle merchandise from her EXO fandom. Thank you and love lots! So, this post come to an end. See you again next December for another crazy and fun K-Pop convention. I'll try to listen and watch music videos in K-Pop. I'll let you know if there's any progress or none at all! Lol! Hope you enjoyed the photos and if you were there, enjoyed the event too! Kisses! 


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