Friday, February 14, 2014


Have you ever been to a situation when you feel like you don't wanna leave a place knowing that there are people whom you will not see for a long time and stuff like that? It sucks! I have so many friends who are really close to me. Well, aside from Davao friends, might as well I have these funny and cray people that didn't missed any minute to make me laugh (out loud!!). I never expected they'd escort me to the airport and see me leave (Sobs*) Anyway, not being too dramatic or something, every time I go back to Manila yearly, it always amazes me that these people whom I spend most of my one whole day there would be one of my closest. And I am so glad they never attempt to forget me! LOL

These people are one of my closest. The girl from second to the left was a new found friend back in Korean Pop Convention. I met her in a really very short time but she is extremely funny! Like... she always find a way to make a story really interesting. I really hope to see that girl next December! (Plus, don't mind my cousin - left side - who has tip-toed for crying out loud!!)

Elton & Shaira, closest among everyone else. I have no words except I really missed them A LOT! *Sobs*
Photo grabbed from Maxine's Instagram
You guys, thank you for accompanying me to the airport. I know, we're incomplete and stuff but I won't forget the day (I mean, literally the 24-hours) I spent with you and some friends too! And this deserves a decent and legit groupie! (Group Selfie) Well, anyway I will see you next December or I wish, I could visit Manila every month. But I know it's beyond impossible since we all are too busy in college! Speaking of #Sepanx and in this relation to my post, I am leaving on Saturday for our 18-days OJT in Cebu City! I know, way too long! Obviously, I can't give a spare time for you guys, my readers, since it's gonna be too busy and exhausting. Anyway, it's just gonna be a couple of weeks. As soon as I get back to Davao, I will definitely share to you my experiences in 18 days. Plus, I am excited to be back in Cebu after 10 heck years. It's been the longest time ever. 

Always keep this is mind: Comfort over Style ; ALWAYS!

Striped Tees | Greenhills 
Maxi Skirt | Forever 21
Gladiators | Greenhills

One of the hardest things in life is leaving. It's never easy to say goodbye to people/person you have been attached even in the shortest while. Though, I know, we will still see each other again. I just have to wait for that moment to come. My gosh, I feel like I'm writing this to someone. I MAY BE. Anyway, it doesn't matter. The thing is... if you have all the chance in this planet, never miss an opportunity to grab it. Spend time with your loved ones, forgive people and start all over again. It's not easy living in a world  full of hatred, and since today is Valentine's day, learn to forgive, learn to let go and most definitely, learn to love once again. Since today is 14th of the month, I just wanted to share to you that I am turning 18 exactly a month from now. THIS. IS. MADNESS. I can't contain my excitement to be turning at legal age. *Dancing!!* 
Happy Valentine's Day to you and to all my readers out there! 
Cyber hugs and kisses to each and everyone, from yours truly. Kisses! :*


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