Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My friends and I had the BEST weekend so far! Sorry for the delay on posting this one, it's just I am not yet ready to finally put an end on the feast. It's so much fun especially with the best company I have during the weekend. And for the record, I met a lot of new people too which excites me more! Going back to the post, last April 4-5, #SummerFrolic was held at one of the best beaches in the country, Dahican which is located in Mati City, Davao Oriental -- 2-3 hour drive from Davao City (if you take a car or van) and 5 hours if you take the bus. I kinda, somehow toured my friends since it was both their first time! Around 10 in the morning, we arrived in the town. We went to La-Ne's Kan-anan to get our wristbands for the party. At first, we bought GA tickets when we were still in Davao, but the moment we arrived in the ticket area, we decided to upgraded our tickets to VIP since there were a lot of freebies and cool stuff to be given during the 2-night party! It was so hot that we were so confident going around the city even without a sunscreen! Either way, being back at the place you always wanted to be is such a relief! Mati will always be my favorite city no matter what. To make the long story short, here are some of my 2k++ photos from my camera roll from our 3-day escapade in Mati! Enjoy ;)

April 4, 2014

Don't be too noisy, you might wake the famous "Sleeping Dinosaur" Lol, sorry for being such a corny kid! 
If you happen to be at the party, you know what's the struggle of taking off the wristbands! 
Since we decided to upgrade to VIP, which is the color blue wristband, they have to cut off the GA (Green wristband) unfortunately for some reasons! 
After we got our final wristbands for the party, after we had lunch, we went to
Mati Park and Baywalk 
Your Mati escapade won't be complete if you don't have a photo standing behind this gigantic sign with an amazing view! So if you happen to visit Mati, don't leave this side trip behind. 
After we got back from the hotel we were staying in (Hotel Beatrice), we spent the whole afternoon taking a nap since we were so tired from the 5-hour travel and considering, it's very hot outside! 
See our photos on my Instagram: @eishellecellona
By 6 in the evening, after having our dinner at Rombohan, we decided to go to Dahican to meet up some of my friends who was staying at the tent city.
One of the freebies for night one, bandannas
Thank you to Havaianas for giving me this tank top during the first night! 
Foam Party and great line up for DJs during the night one! 
Everyone's favorite, say hello to Sunnie! 
I must say, night one was a bang! I saw a lot of friends and partied with them til 4 in the morning. It was super fun that I sprained my right ankle and almost lost a pair of my slippers but thanks to the person who found it! LOL! So much memories just on the first night, though. #RaveOne

April 5, 2014
We all woke up a little late than we expected! Then we checked all our photos on our phones and laughed about it. Geez, if only I could let you see what's on my camera roll, you'd be shock, how on earth we took all those photos! I just can't! *High laughing*
By the afternoon, around 3:00PM, we went earlier in Dahican to meetup my friend's friends and my friends whom I didn't see during the first party. 
Amihan sa Dahican
You will never go wrong with its beauty and surpassing waves! I always love it here and every time I go back, I would never miss a chance not to take gazillions of photo of the beach! Simply gorgeous. 
This group of friends being artsy! They used a stick or something to make it look like a monopod. LOL! Aren't they cuties? 
Night two freebies! Colored powders and light stick. The colored powders are unlimited to VIP holders while in GA, you have to buy a color for 50php.
Davao Represent! 
I can't imagine how dirty yet colorful we were during the second and last night! It was my favorite. The lineup was also amazing! 
What excites us more was the fireworks that took a while during the second night! 
Personally, from all the parties I've been to, this one is by far my most favorite. As the DJ announced that they will be having it again by 2015, I was already counting the days! HAHAHA, being OA enough, right? Don't judge! It's just that, if you are a kind person (like me) who loves music, beach and parties combined as much as I do, then we'd be a clique! Honestly speaking, I've been to a lot of parties ever, especially when it comes to Electric Music Festivals like this one. It's my favorite and forever will be! And I know, a lot of you loves it too. I love meeting new people, I love the beach, I love dressing up really comfortably, I love traveling with my friends and especially, I love music. Music is Universal, and by music, people are United as one. I'm in love by the concept of it, and as long as I can go anywhere I want, I would! 

April 6, 2014

So, the party ended at 3 in the morning. We were dancing for 6-hours! Can you imagine that? But despite of it, everything was worth it. My friends and I decided to just wait for the Sunrise since it will be on the horizon of Dahican! Just our luck. I call ourselves, Team No Sleep... AT ALL! And we were freezing since our clothes were soaked wet from the party! 
My plain white shirt that turned into instant pink due to the color dash! LOL! No regrets!
Friends and I took a swim before we say goodbye to the beach! 
Panoramic View
Another experience that I personally have been waiting for ever! We don't really wanna end it yet and I think 2 days is really short for grand parties like this one. I also got interviewed on the second night, and I was in shock! Hahaha! If you happen to be those guys who interviewed me, I wanna see my colorful and dirty face though! Don't hesitate to send me the link on my mail or just on Twitter! Thank you for interviewing me! ;)
One of the most successful beach parties I could ever imagine! It's the best! Now, we are all looking forward for #SummerFrolic2015 and I hope it's much more bigger and more international DJ's to expect. Thank you SummerFrolic and Frolic Fox Productions for coming up with an idea like this one and for an amazing destination and lineup! Forever be in our hearts! See you again next year for another epic party! I hope you'll make it 3 days.

Actually, until now, I still have this so called "Major Ultra Super SummerFrolic hangover"! Help me get over the weekend, 'cause I can't. LOL! I hope you had an amazing weekend as much as I do, 'cause I know I had one of the most unforgettable experience ever! Kisses and see you again next year! :*

And so, before this day ends, I found myself on an interview I was telling you about. I didn't know it's for the national news! *I'M ACTUALLY SCREAMING RIGHT NOW!*



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