Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beach Day

Spontaneous adventures are always the best especially when you have one of the best companies ever! Last Tuesday, my good friend, Iris and I finally reunited after months of not being able to see and hangout with each other due to lack of time and believe it or not, we are always busy and booked! We decided to head to the beach and unwind for the whole long day. She's been one of my high school buddies back then but time changes and we have to separate ways to college (drama lol). It feels so good having back your closest friend with you to hangout again in ages plus it's already starting to heat up, Summer 2014! What makes it even more special is that, it's her first beach trip for Summer 2014, though, and I'm glad we spent it together. For those of you who don't know, Davao City proper is just minutes away from the gorgeous Samal Island. You just have to ride a barge or boat to get to the destination, usually barge is very accessible to everyone. You can go to Samal via barge anytime you want! It's very convenient to every tourist/s who wants to escape the hustle and bustle life in the city - even to our part as locals, if we have spare time and longer weekends, we always head to the beach to unwind. Speaking of the beach, we went to this beautiful resort called Villa Amparo. It's located at Sitio Dasag, Barangay Camudmud, Island Garden City of Samal. From Samal wharf, it's a 30-45 minute drive via motorcycle, private vehicle/s or you may avail their shuttle. To make the long story short, scroll down and see our photos using my Monopod and 3-in-1 lenses for the first time to the beach.

A selfie at Sasa Wharf, waiting for the barge to arrive.
Personally, I love using monopod. Though it's kinda annoying to see the stick, but it's very useful. Compared to just normal kind of selfie and the fact that you have to ask a person to take a photo of you is kinda awkward and self-conscious kind of thing to most people I guess, well for me yes!
Having lens/lenses plus a monopod gives the photo a ginormous effect and it's really on trend right now. Believe or not, I'm sort of obsessed using the Fisheye lens. In the first place, I wanted to have a GoPro Hero3+ but it's really quite pricy and I still have to ask my parents about having it. I need a declaration and stuff like that, LOL! 
During our day tour, we felt like we own the whole resort! It's really relaxing and all you can hear are birds tweeting and the ocean breeze (plus my chill playlist) - I am definitely attached to it! Though, it was on a low tide when we got there and we had to wait 'til 3 in the afternoon for the water to rise and for the high tide too. I tell you, the water is as clear as crystal, it's like you're just dipped into the pool but salty and more natural. 
They have cottages, gazebo, and tons of amenities in the resort. It's a sure-win and satisfaction when you get there!
We arrived before lunch so we had all the time to rest and sleep and guess what, Iris literally fell asleep and here I am, fund of taking selfies and everything in between! 
If you like to visit Villa Amparo anytime this Summer, take a look on their website. Everything is in there; rates, amenities, etc and all about the resort! Just click the link below.
I hope you see the fine and crystal-like water right there ;)
The photo is taken using a Wide lens
The photo is taken using a Macro Lens
Technically, I don't know how to swim - BUT I am in love with the beach forever. I'm in love with the idea of sand and salt on my hair. And I swear to the pizza and fries, I love the sun so much that I wanna hug it. LOL! Sometimes, I wonder how's life when you live nearby the beach? I always want that. A beach house of my own, perhaps.
 Nature is simply stunning, yet we, people destroys it. It's a sad fact but it's the reality now. We always wanted to promote the great side of a place yet we tend to forget that there's always a bad side of it. As a Tourism Student, it's very heartbreaking seeing the nature being taken down by force as well as to the people doing it. I get it, they do it for a living - they have to. Okay, now I'm being serious. I should get back to the post. Anyway, my point is that, in order to sustain a thing, we should maintain the way it is. We should take care of the nature that He has given to us. OMG! Apologies for being so preachy lately, lol! 

Monopod and 3-in1 Lens
The handy stuff I used during our beach trip in Samal - I got my Monopod in Pink. Yes, it comes in 3 colors - Black, Blue and Pink. My friend Kim got the blue one and I have mine in pink. This monopod can be adjusted to how you long or short you want it to be. It is also connectable to one monopod to another to another and so on. See the bottom part of the handle? You may insert other monopod in there. See how useful it is? I never had the regrets of getting one for myself! If you wanna purchase it, check out my Instagram
The famous 3-in-1 lenses
OMG! I finally have it. I've been longing to this for quite some time but I haven't seen a seller that is based in Davao. I am not fund of shipping and everything, I think it's very hassle and tricky. Plus shipment fees are extremely costly. I don't prefer doing that but a lot of people loves the idea of it. Maybe because it's convenient or something.
3-in-1 lenses is quite expensive but it's 90% cheaper than a GoPro. It also comes in different colors like Black, Red, Silver and Gold. I wanted the gold one but they're already out of stock. Sigh* Either way, it has the same function, still.
If you love taking a really very up-close photos, Macro lens is perfect for you! 
(See the photo I posted above)
Wide is just a basic kind of lens. But it's very perfect with landscapes! 
(See also the photo above)
What I use most of the time - Fisheye lens, I don't know but I love how it captures everything. From group of people to just a single you. It's perfect! It's what I used to most all of my photos above. 
The lens clip - Oh and by the way, wide lens can be use with a macro lens attached only, if you don't have the macro then it's impossible to use the wide since they are always attached together.
ALWAYS PUT/ATTACH the lens cap/s after using the lens for dust protection and ETC!
It's very easy to use 3-in-1 lenses
1.) Make sure to attach the lens itself to the clip. Rest assure that it's on medium-tight and never loose to the clip to avoid cracks.
2.) Clip the lens to back or front camera of your smart phone; Like mine, I have my iPhone 5 with me and that's what I use all the time. It's okay to have it with or without case too.
3.) Make sure you have downloaded a "Timer-App" on App Store or Play Store. Mine is called "TimerCam" and it's free on App Store.
4.) TAKE A SELFIE and enjoy!
I have already posted numbers of photos/selfies using my first even monopod/selfiepod and 3-in-1 lenses. Make sure to like and follow me on my Instagram! My Instagram Username is @eishellecellona and nothing else! Same as my Keek, Vine and Twitter! Feel free to follow me on there too ;) I can't wait to use those stuff to my next adventure and beach trip! 

I'll be posting my WTB: SarBay Fest 2014 Edition by the end of the month so stay tuned about that. The countdown to Mindanao's biggest beach festival is on. The dates will be on May 16-17, 2014 at Sarangani Bay Strip! I'm hoping to see you there and let's enjoy Summer 2014! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I do and I hope I gave you some ideas on how to spend your Summer 2014. All I'm trying to say is ... GO OUT, enjoy the wind, enjoy the company of your favorite people, eat some ice cream, read a book, spend time with your family or friends at the beach, explore new things, enjoy the sun and don't let dull moments get into you this Summer! Get off that chair, leave your laptop/s and start moving :) 
Never ever stop wandering because both traveling and adventure is good for the soul.

Have a fun week ahead lovely people! Kisses :*


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