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WTB: SummerFrolic Edition

What to Bring blog post is finally back and this time, I'm banging it for SummerFrolic 2014! I am incredibly excited for this one. Since it's a beach festival, there are a lot of stuff you might want to consider. Like your new fave bikinis to be exact! To be honest, I always over-pack my things when it comes to beach trips. I'm having too much problem on my dilemmas. I always wanted to bring as many things as possible which is totally a no-no. Perhaps you want to carry huge bags with heavy stuff in it! I made a decision to pull-out the most unnecessary things that I might not want to bring anymore. I know, I'm not the only one who got a problem with this especially when you want to change clothes every after 5-hours. It's worse, I couldn't imagine myself doing that again! 

Usually, when I travel to different places that is million miles away from my hometown, I want to bring my most favorites and my basic needs. Since I don't want to over-pack never again, I made a list for a 3-day beach trip to Mati this weekend! 
Before, I always travel with my DSLR but since it's really heavy, I decided to just use my iPhone instead. It's lite and handy too, plus I got some stylish designs for my cases. Okay, here's the thing. You don't have to change your case time to time. Just pick the most favorable one you're good to go! 
Tip: If you have shock proof/water proof case then that's the best case to use when it comes to beach parties because there'd be a lot of water-splashing to the party, I tell you! Unfortunately, I don't own any since it's really costly and I don't kinda like the design plus it gives a gigantic and fat look to my iPhone. 
I'm also looking for a waterproof pouch that can fit my phone and money in it. It comes in different colors too! I want one but I can't seem to find it here in Davao. If you know someone or store/s that are selling it, kindly tweet me. 
Neon bangles (from Butingtings) and native bracelets (from Cebu)
I love wearing bracelets only when I go to the beach! It adds more style to your summer look. Try to find some neon bangles in stores, it's probably a hit since it's already summer! Any light colors are also in right now! 
Neon coin purse | Always secure your money and don't forget the penny! I always have that in my bag wherever I go. It's very handy too, you can just tack it in inside your pocket.
Squared Purse (Manilenya print; from Artwork) | If you want a bigger space, you can buy a squared purse in Artwork. It has different styles and sizes too. I usually put my phone (yep, it fits!), card, bills and some important papers there, like my ticket to SummerFrolic!
Vaseline Total Moisture in Cocoa Glow | I am obsessed with the smell of this lotion! It's addictive, I want to put it in my mouth and eat it. But then I remembered, it's a lotion, not a food! LOL! I got hooked and it's my everyday use. Okay, just don't bring the whole bottle. You might want to buy (or if you have spare, you may use it instead) a mini bottle for travelling purpose and get an amount of the lotion and pour it into the travel bottle.
Love & Beauty nail polish by Forever 21 | Pick one (or more) color/s and make your nails look summer-y! 
Secret eau de parfum by Rasasi | Actually, my mom got this for me so I have zero idea on where to buy it here in Davao. It's my daily use scent and it smells so good too!
Bikinis and bag
Neon green top: Sunsations
Polka dots bottom: Old Navy
Native-ish bag: Thrift shop for PHP150.00
It's my thing (always) for neon stuff. I went on a bikini hunting yesterday and I scored a beauty and the best part is, it's in neon green! My favorite color of all time whether it's summer or not.
Bikinis and bag
Neon pink top: IBODY Swimwear 
Yellow bottom: Forever 21|swim
Bohemian Native backpack: I got it from a store in Tagaytay
Shoes and Sandals
I am a lover of any kinds of shoes! If someone would ask me to pick between shoes or bags, I'd say shoes! Since it's already summer, say goodbye to high heels, boots and pumps and say hi to sandals and slippers! 
Grendha Festa | It's my personal favorite. I use this one all the time! It's very comfortable and matches to almost everything! P.S., the gems are made of gels so it doesn't fell off easily. Very sassy! 
Shoes and Sandals
My second fave! I love brown and skin-toned colors when it comes to shoes. This one is very comfortable too! It comes with different colors and sizes, just check it on their website or simply just Google it. 
These two are also my faves! It's very soft and stylish. If you want to wear a more casual flip-flop kind of concept, well here's the perfect pair for you! I actually have two of them, as you can see. I have a crazy obsession about slippers. I have more slippers than bag. Most of my slippers are limited edition so I don't usually just hand it to anyone. I was thinking of selling it since it's summer and flip-flops are in right now.
Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in Matte Lipstick | I got this pretty shade in SM North Edsa branch. As much as I'm concerned, I didn't saw this shade here in Davao's Forever 21. I think they're gonna restock it some other time. This one is amazing! I love the color, if you'd ask, the shade is in Berry. It's my daily use too! 
Cherimoya lipstick
If you don't like darker shades, here's to what! This one's in pale pink and I am in love with it. I usually use it during the days to look more blooming! 
Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy
On the other hand, if you don't use any lipstick at all, try this lip balm. It has different shades in different flavors too. You can buy it in all Watsons nationwide or at the cosmetic area inside the mall!
Bag Tag from Bags & Tags, Trinoma
The last but perhaps never the least, my bag tag with my blog's name on it and my URL. Every time I travel, all my bags has name tags. Why? Because I know there'd be a case that someone might have the same bag as mine. Especially, when it's luggage. I've a lot of similar colors, size, everything for a lot of times already! To make sure it's mine, I always have the so-called palatandaan to all of my luggage. Backpacks are also victims of it. In occasions like this, like traveling by land, you should never forget your bag tag! It's very important because there are always cases that 2 or more has the same backpack as yours, like completely identical. You can never be too sure though! 

I am much more of an organizer when it comes to my things. But there are times that I completely forget where on earth did I put stuff/s! I don't usually loose things because I always double check my bag or pockets. I'd like to keep my things in one place but it is just in me that I don't get why my room is very messy. As much as I want to keep it tidy, I just can't. AM I THE ONLY ONE? *Sigh* Anyway! When it comes to traveling naman, I always make sure to put everything I need in my bag. If you're wondering, one of the photos doesn't include a Sunscreen, because I rarely use one. But it's really advisable to use though! This weekend or for the upcoming trips in the future, make a list on the things you really need, not just the things you want. Money is very important, next to that is ID or any valid ID's in case of proof. Gadgets (phone/camera), you don't wanna miss a chance to take a photo of that place, right? I don't think so! Plus there are millions of attractions out there that is "Instagrammable" LOL! And the last but not the least, never spoil your vacation. Whether it's just in the country or outside the country/city, you should always carry that smile on your face and never leave the essence of excitement! As you wander and experience new things, grab the opportunities that you will encounter. There will always be first times, make the most out of it! Enjoy your weekend and the rest of the Summer Vacation! See you in Dahican, lovely people. I hope I gave you some ideas on what things to bring on your trips and not just for SummerFrolic! Kisses :*


QuickSilver, Abreeza Mall, Davao City
Roxy, SM Annex, Davao City
Tickets are also sold in La-ne's, Mati City
Check out frolicfox.com for online ticket buying

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