Wednesday, July 24, 2013


And it turns to be a blurry shots on a blurry night! I have no idea what went so not well with the photos taken by my good friends using my SLR! So let me just post this though since I do love my shorts *winks*. I spent my weekend with my good friends. Dined and had an overflowing chitchat. I've been down of interesting blog posts lately since I am very well busy and I don't time to go out of town or even the nearest beach here! Boo, right? *cries*. That's why it's a very big deal to me to go out once (or twice) a week somehow! 

I appreciate neon and ombre tie-dyed clothes! Plus matching a darker
 top to emphasize what's on the bottom! A huge fan of it.
I'm no fashion enthusiast or consultant or whatever you call it but as
a girl, it's very very important to look good and presentable whenever
and wherever you go! It doesn't have to be that detailed as long as
you're comfortable wearing it in public.
Insert awwwwwks lip right there! 
Just kidding! Meet my good friend, Michael. He took a lot of time shooting for that night! He better be thankful for him having a photographer like me or else... 
I think I have to promise you good shots soon! Man, I miss those days I go to places and play with my camera. Talking of which, it's almost August! One of the best months every year! If you're familiar with the festivals held in Davao, August is the month of once again, Kadayawan Festival! One of a kind festivals in Mindanao or even in the Philippines. By that time, expect for so much photos of happenings during the event. I just can't wait to work. Happy girl dancing! I guess I'll be seeing you then by that month. Tweet me if you can! ;) So I guess I'll be leaving you with this post for now! Kisses to everyone.

Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
What I've been listening from the past few days now! I'm in love with the video and the song. It's perfect! I hope you do too.

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