Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love for Cases

I have never been so wrong on being an addict, collecting cases ever since to my old phones before! I just think it's cool and the fact that YOU... YES YOU can customize your own casings just like I did with mine. Actually, the designs (I mean some) are mine and I let CASES DAVAO do its thing. I thought I would never get these stuff, that was supposedly last week due to my heavy and full packed schedule. Man 'twas insane! Speaking of which, em in love with its little details printed on, colors and uniqueness of each one of 'em! I can't stop staring the back case though. They're all my favorite and I can't decide which am I gonna use for everyday. Lol!
This one is my personal favorite since my blog URL (eishellecellona.blogspot.com) is on the print below the Dream catcher which I personally chose. Man, don't get me wrong but as much as you know me and I know myself, I do love Dream catchers no matter what form, details or shape it is. Teehee! 
Hippie Volkswagen Van. Let me take you to old-school years where this was the hit! I know, I also love hippie and bohemian stuff and I do want to try riding this van someday. But as far as know, this doesn't exist here in the Philippines anymore (or I haven't just seen this hippie van roaming around the city).  
Detailed skull. Can I go chic-rock to this? I see bling ring on its too detailed design and I love it! Just perfect when I go night out or something.
Aztec. And there you go! I can't get my eyes off to this case. It's just too lovely and I'm out of words! Rofl!!
Forgot the paint. I was then attracted to this since it looks like wood with unfinished paints and wrecked! 
If only I could use them all simultaneously, I would! They're just too pretty, cool and functional. A little tip here! If you don't want the side of your iPhone to get scratches or in any part of it, don't change the case everyday. Let it be there for a week or two. You should also clean the screen and back of it, out of dust and such! I hope this help you a bit then! Kisses :*

Massive thanks to CASES DAVAO for these beauties! 
Check them out on Instagram: @casesdavao
Like their Facebook page as well: Cases Davao

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