Sunday, July 7, 2013

Apple Green Wins

 Hello there! So basically, it's another month of the year we are facing. Which means, it's our exam month (Prelims). I got 2 more full days to study for the upcoming exams on Wednesday 'til Friday. *Winks, wish me luck!*. Before being on me, on a busy side of this month, let me share to you our last month's event which is our Acquaintance Party (Generally). It was so much fun despite of the sudden change of weather, and it rains the whole game part! We were dissected to different color schemes and teams with coaches, of course. I was on the Apple Green Team who won the game, first! Lucky are we, we had a very strong and competitive group among! Nonetheless of almost forgetting I have one left to blog and this was supposedly to the last day of June! Oh, forgetful me. Soooo here it is!

By morning, we had a shortened class. Forgive me for being and looking so tired to this photo. LOL! 
The moment after we signed in, we entered RSM (School's events center) 
Yeah, it's weird having a huge square stuff stamped on the shirt. LOL!
The one in striped red was our coach and our Program Head and the rest of the group.
So I was saying earlier, we are dissected to different groups with different people, years and programs. 
Before you can enter the last station of the game, you all have to finish the outside games... Rain or shine! And by that, it was yet a heavy rain.
The Champion: Apple Green Team! 
All in smiles, of course! So proud of our group for winning it! *dancing*
Dinner, entertainment and others. After that, we were all dancing to the vibes of the DJ, walk on to the stage and being careless for 30 mins! Ahhh, it was so fun and I think it was the highlight of the night, the party! I didn't realized that Philwomenian's could be so wild on the dance floor! It was cray! LOL! I must say that they did a good job on handling an event. Everyone went home with smiles and camaraderie to the new people in the campus. I think it's the most important of all, meeting new people. Kisses to everyone! I hope I can update my blog as soon as the exams end! 

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