Sunday, July 21, 2013

Korean Night

I finally have a chance to post something on my blog before this month's end! Ahhh this day was so much fun! Reunited with some of my closest friends in high school and catch up a lot of news and stuff and did A LOT of unending photo sesh with those guys! Tiring and cray but worth it! Getting back to what went well tonight. So I had to hurry and head to SM Lanang Premier to meet with my friends. Unfortunately, it's a very long ride from our house and the fact that I left the house on a rush hour! When I arrived at SM, I have no idea it was jam packed with people since the mall is having a 3-day Sale and there were so much guests in one night. Eun Joo Park, a Korean rock violin diva at the Atrium! I really don't know her and it's my first time to see her. I never thought she's really good and rocked the whole place! My friends was also at Manna Davao, a Korean restaurant that serves really good Korean dishes! I think I fell in love with it *winks*. 

Eun Joo Park
I tell you, this look and tastes soooo good! Nah, I crave for it! 
Spicy Ramen was de-lee-shas! I was never fan of eating noodles but I think I do now!
High school friends will always have a big part in my life! They're too special to me and they never fail to make me laugh and cheer me up! Awwwe, feels so good to chitchat with these mofos that I love big time! 
After having busy weeks and tiring days of my college life, thank God I had a mini time to go out and I must say that socializing is really important no matter how busy and hard your schedules are! I know, this sounds so cray but I am so exhausted in my college life. Even my weekends aren't weekend for me anymore since I have to do homework, projects and study piles of notes! I miss those days that I can go wherever/whenever I want! Bring my camera with me, explore a place, post photos of it and share it with you guys. I now understand, being in College is one the most challenging scenarios a person could ever imagine! I think this isn't yet half of what it takes to be successful, too many struggles and trials are on its way, you really just have to fight for that! Quitting was never an option. I think I have no right to complain, thinking of millions of people who cannot afford to go to school as much as I do. I know, this isn't part of my blog post today but I think I am making sense somehow. LOL! 
So anyway, I have 2 left blog posts to share it with you guys for the upcoming days! Stay tuned always. Oh, and I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who visits and reads my blog and for making it to 11k++ and counting views! Kisses :*

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