Friday, August 2, 2013

August Mayhem

Hello August! Can I tell you how excited I am for this month? Like... very very excited! Jam packed of activities and parties! Why? Because it's another year to celebrate the Kadayawan Festival. It's one of the biggest and grandest festivals in the country, tourists come to Davao for a week or maybe even a month to see and for the one week festivity. I am much more excited to tell you that there are lined up parties on the festival. Time to put on some dancing shoes then! I am lucky since our school's also participating on the event and compete on the street dancing category. Our midterm exams will be up ahead than any other schools (since we are Trimester) and yep, you will definitely see me capturing timeless moments on Kadayawan! Where? On the streets of Davao City, of course! Don't hesitate to say hi! ;) Speaking of which, back to the parties. If you're too awesome and definitely a party goer, here's for you (and for me too!)

Berocca Philippines #OnFullBlast Party
8.9.13 - Save the date!
On Twitter: @BeroccaPh is giving away 4 VIP Passes to every 25 Persons who will get the correct answer on their first leg party.
 Just tweet them the correct answer with the hashtag #OnFullBlast. You can definitely tweet them as many tweets that you want! Hurry up! They will be announcing the lucky winners on Monday. 
Clue: Home of the Best Durian 
Follow them on Twitter: @BeroccaPh 
Here's to what I am very excited about. My friends and I has been talking to this since last week! #Sunbaked Davao and we are definitely ready to party on the 17th! Davao is really ready! 
Watch their Vimeo Video here.
Another party to craze about! 
Schedule for the Kadayawan Festival 2013

This once a year celebration will definitely be a memorable one, I assure you! By that time, Davao City will be filled with lights, vibes and happy people. Since I live at the heart of the city where busy establishments are the priority, I am used to this. Streets will be closed for half day, then opens by the afternoon and closes again when the sun goes down. At some point, people here in Davao loves to go out at night since there are packs of activities that are lined up. The month of August is one of the months I've been waiting since. So I am inviting each and everyone of you to fill up Davao City and go crazy party with us this month that will definitely be unforgettable experience you could ever imagine! See you here, kisses! :*

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