Monday, August 26, 2013

Kadayawan Festival 2013

Kadayawan Festival, one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. It commemorates the town's thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and blessings to each town's and tribes. It's celebrated yearly during August usually held on the second week. It's been an honor to participate at this event. Gladly, our school also performed during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan. It is participated in numbers of categories consists of participants in different schools, places, etc. Despite of the security measurements that was implemented during the whole event, locals and tourists didn't hesitate to go out, explore and enjoy what Davao City offers! Likewise, my friend (Dina) and I didn't waste any time. As early as 7 am, we were preparing for our cameras and lenses to be use during the event. It was sizzling hot that we had to roam around (of course, with our ID's) for us to enter the site. Since everyone can't enter the main stage/performance area then. Luckily, we have the Photographer's Pass. It was very different this time. It was unexpected for some reasons. But then, I'm glad nothing bad happened. Somehow, we did enjoyed covering the event (which we usually do every year). Well, so much for preaching. Let me share to you some of my shots during the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan 2013.

The performance need to have a story. Impersonating the rituals of a tribe or anything in such. During the morning, starts by 8 am, the first contingent must be ready to perform in the selected streets of the city. Therefore, some streets are closed. Some routes changed and it will be open as soon as all the contingents has already performed. Their last performance will be held at Rizal Park which is at the heart of the city.
It's so nice to see these people smiling at the same time, I feel so proud. Despite of the intense heat during the day, they still give their best-est to perform. Making the people feel worth it that they shouldn't be disappointed for coming.
Their costumes are the coolest! It's too detailed and beautiful. I personally wanted to try it on some time. Lol! But I swear, I wouldn't dare to dance and perform! I'm good on what I've been working on so far. Haha!
In every corner there are police men. So there's no reason to be terrified in such. If you didn't go out during the festival, you missed the fun my friend. And the fact that you're from Davao, there's no exception. But then, there's always a next time. Probably better and bigger!
Can I say that we are so lucky to witness the whole performance of each contingent. We were able to enter the site by just presenting our IDs! Thank God for that.
This kid got everyone's attention. Especially the photographers who were near the stage. And that includes me! He was smiling all the time and thanks to that, he knows how to work it out! 
I say, they have the brightest and most colorful costumes ever! It's so nice that they don't look pale. And the fact that I love neon.
Masskara Festival??? 
Hold it right there! It's still Kadayawan Festival. It happens that there are a lot of stands like this in the area! I swear, it's sooooo nice that I want to buy one but it's too expensive. It's all hand made necklaces. It's a huge necklace, I say!
I get their point why they have to sell it in a higher price. Just check out the details on it! Looks so fab and too catchy! I should have bought one! *Sigh*
This post took a bit long since I was so busy over the weekend! I should post this last week but oh well. It's so amazing how time flies so fast! We only got 4 more months before ending this year. Can you imagine that?! Crazy right? I think this month could be memorable to me. It should be! I'm glad that it's been productive lately. I just have to double it more! I've been planning to go to Masskara Festival this October but I have company yet! I wish my friends are go for it. As well as Sinulog Festival next year! My other friends and I have been talking over it. I wish I could go! I'm praying for it because I want to experience what other cities has to offer. Well of course, Life Dance too! Ending this post with so much memories and another experience to cherish for a life time. I hope you had a great time too as much as I do. Kisses to everyone! 'Til the next blog post.

Go check out their site!

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