Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Safe & Sound

Hi there! It take long days before I post on my blog though, apologizing. Well, can I tell you how exhausted I am from the last week's errands, projects, exams and stuff you could ever imagine in a life of a college student. I feel like crying every time I think of giving up but it was never an option to me but I just thought of it when the world is like opposing me, if you know what I mean. You just have to sacrifice something to get it done. I think this month is very stressful! So much to do yet so little time. But anyway, I don't want to get sadness affect me so let me start with you this exciting blog post today.
It was a very sunny Friday on the very first day of our Film Shooting for Philippine Literature course so I had to make use of it for my mini photo shoot brought to you by my good friend Eunice Mariano. I actually love the way she took photos of me that's why I made her my "Personal Photographer" and of course, I'm very thankful for that, finally I have someone who can make me look good on the screen. Lol! 
This has been my fave shot among. I look so happy!
They both love me too much they didn't even care of me, having a little me time and then here they are, passing by like no one's around but me! Lol.
Neon Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Thrift Shop
Bangles: Somewhere Only We Know
iPhone 5 Casing: Digibabe 
(Located at the 2/F, SM Annex, Davao)
I guess I wasn't having a bad hair day! Woop.
I had crazy days and nights with people. I wasn't expecting those stuff, some are bad and good. Of course, as much as I want to share it with you guys, I just can't since it's gonna take forever before I finish my story. And I talk a lot! So to sum it up, we had a 3-day video shoot for our 15-minute Film for Literature. I guess each and everyone of us were too tired, having moods, want to go home, hungry, exhausted and anything else you could imagine so far! I can't wait to work this Kadayawan Festival and likewise, I can't wait to share my another year on being in the event! I hope y'all are gonna stay tuned for it :) I promise to keep you updated as much as I can get a spare time because that's how I love you all. Kisses! 

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