Friday, August 16, 2013

Strobe Lights

This is College. Going home late, paper works, film works, and any works you could ever imagine. We get it, preparation. Okay! So let me share with you our "Behind-the-scenes" during our 3-day film shooting. Exhausting but very very fun, I say! Found new friends and cherished new memories together with the gang which makes me so happy since there were no dull and awkward moments during the shoot. It was so weird 'cause the time was in a hurry. We have to catch up the time for the whole day from 8am and at least until 12 midnight. Good thing there's a spare battery for the camera. Work hard, play hard! 
First Day/Night 

We make use of all the lights that our phones can produce! It's actually a "secret" but oh well. Lol! 
We hired a videographer for that one day, which is also our friend Dina.
She said it was her first time to video-shoot but it was good! 
Meet our main casts! If only I could tell you our story but it seems to be sooo long you'd get bored. Maybe, you have to wait for the whole 15-minute short film to be posted on my YouTube account!
Half of the staff that made the short film possible!
The "mataray" look of my friend right there. Lol! I din't notice it until here.

Second Day/Night
These are only the photos I found during our second day of film making. But this day was the most exhausting one! We shoot from 8 in the morning and ended up by 12 midnight. Our feet were swollen and we were too tired to function! I ended up sleeping on the couch while they were practicing there lines and I was there, sleeping with a camera on my hand. Hahaha it was cray!

Third Day/Night
Since everyone was so tired, we ended up meeting at 1 in the afternoon. It was a gloomy day, and unfortunately by night, it started to rain. We didn't focused too much in a lot of settings/places since we have to consider the story as well. 
The pink team and me
Can you guess what my role is?
Okay, I'm a midwife then. Lol! Pwede na ba?
While we were setting up the place, we ended up having a mini photo-shoot since we love our team and we make use of all the DSLR's. Vain time!
Really proud and happy with ourselves. We didn't imagine that we can do it! To think that we have to shoot asap the day right after our Midterm exams! It was crazy but we just have to to do it for our grades. No one ever wants to fail a course, right? All the early mornings, late nights and sober days, lahat ng pagod nawala. You just have to trust yourself and always ask for guidance from above. The moment you know that everyone was happy on what you did, everything will be worth it. Just surround yourself with positive people and it will never go wrong. All is well. Be inspired and always smile even to the people who doesn't know how. 

Happy Kadayawan Festival!

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