Monday, January 7, 2013

K-Pop Convention


Did I spelled it right? It's a special edition of 
Photographs Are Forever: The K-POP Edition! :)
I am so excited to blog this! Well, supposedly I should 
have blog this yesterday but since I am so tired and
I just landed, decided not to. But here you go! 
This is for my K-Pop Fanatics out there.
Last 29th of December 2012, the Annual Philippine K-Pop Convention was held inside the PICC Forums 1-3 (Philippine International Convention Centerlocated in the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex in Pasay. I, my cousin and our friends
was there to attend the 4th K-POP Convention. It's our second
time to attend these kinds of festivities. 
Last year was at SM Megamall Atrium. 
I must say, PICC was full-packed with so much of a screaming
and die-hard fans to their biases, group idols and so much more! There were a lot of merchandises sold inside and standees
of most of the K-Pop groups. And I mean, from head-to-toe merchandise. It's a bit pricey because most of their stuff are limited edition. So, let's get this on started! 
But let me ask you first, Who was there? :)
I know, I'm not a K-POP Fanatic but likewise, I don't 
hate them. I'm just confuse about their songs. But that's all.

It was a combination of heat and raindrops as we go along,
waiting and on line up! There were a lot... I mean
A LOT of people (sa labas pa lang)
Photo above was just one of the halves from the people who
were already inside, very early I say!  
Before proceeding to the main entrance for the main event, you
have to sign up your name and donate a fee for the Gawad Kalinga.
It's actually a charitable event and happy to say that it was
very very very successful! 

Now this has been what I was talking about earlier.
The booths! Perhaps there were more than 25 booths
lined up inside the Forums 1-3. I have to collage it
because it's too many! 
It's crazy right? PINS, PINS and MORE PINS! This was actually
half of the pins sold. I also bought pins for my friends :)
I have a crush on him. He's from CN Blue. I know! He's cute :)
Jang Keun Suk and I... on standee!
Merchandise inside the booth! It's massive.
Talking about fashion shoes here! I am in love with those of them! I wanna buy a pair but I think it's too hassle. 
Maybe next time. More pairs I guess.
I just wish these are all mine! 
The K-Pop Convention experience was never dull because of them!
I'm gonna see you next December pretty lads! 
And yes, they looked so serious and I am the only one smiling.
Faces with Carl! Cute :)
Faces with this lad right here, Elton. So as cute!
I am so in love with the color orange right now.
It's so vibrant and I just love the lace on top,
 well so as my pretty headband on pink! 
Pretty lads beside me ;)
This paper served as my ticket. Unfortunately, I didn't complete 
to collect all the stamps since people are going loco to have it.
But congratulations to all the winners! :)
I pretty much enjoyed every single second inside
the forums! Another experience for us and looking
forward to this years another convention. Though
my feet really hurts because of the whole day
"lakaran-with-siksikan" sesh. It was all worth it
and to think that a lot of people enjoyed it too!
See you again people to the 2013 K-Pop Convention

To see all the photos from the event, click and visit
the Philippine KPOP Convention Page on Facebook.
Click here.

*Were you there? Well if you do, let me know! 
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