Thursday, March 28, 2013

Definitely Summer ☀

It is summer once again. Everyone's heading to their summer destination which is not new to every Filipinos. Philippines has so much to offer. From Highlands to Islands, whether you go from North-South or East-West there are always places to visit. To everyone, it's already summer. But for me, it's not yet. Why? Because we still have final exams on April. And P.S. I miss blogging so much it hurts! I definitely need to get my SLR to Canon but since it's a holiday, I have to wait for their message and confirmation. This post is really old but since I haven't blog this yet, let me. Just for updates on my blog since I missed it badly. It is very common that everyone's heading to the beach or pool to get rid of the heat and or tan themselves. Way back 2012, my cousins and I went to this river which is quite far from the city. It's real good since all you can mostly see are the green leafy trees and everything about nature. Well, I love nature. Here's some of it, get a splash! 

When I visited the province which my grandmother grew up, it's definitely a yes to swim in this river. Usually, it's a clear, sparkly water to jump in. Where the flow of the river will take you away. This river is one of the cleanest river in the Philippines, perhaps in the world. I just read that article though.
Before going to the other side of the river, you have to pass on the river. YES! I did that which I was having a rough time since I am not used of crossing the river where the impact of the water is really insane. You have to move fast and don't let the water take you away. Tada! Survived ;)
Don't you agree with me? Ahh, the water there's so calming you could just lay down on the rock and feel the coldness of the river water. Which is good and refreshing.
This kid caught my attention while we are plunging to the river.
Can you see his facial expression? I think he's poker face on what am I doing
or simply he's wondering what am I holding. Haha! 
After our escapade on the left side of the river, we went to the other side which is a long walk away from the first one. It was tiring but worth it and I was then amazed from what I saw. Cool place it was!
Spot the funny part. :-)
Upon heading to the other side of the river, all you can see are great views of mini mountain, gigantic trees, more trees and river. I say, all you can hear are the whistling of birds and the whining of the leaves.
TADA! A hanging bridge which took me forever to cross since I am shaking going to the other side. I swear I am shaking, well since my cousin was happy jumping and then I have to hold on the side-handles. The hanging bridge is use for crossing to the other side (obviously) to the people who lives there. Personally, it's amazing.
Red on red.
My cousin and I are in the same color of shirt. Ha! 
Yellow on Yellow.
The pathway is really long. There are people who lives there.
Photo of the day! :-) I just love it!

Summer is definitely one way to enjoy, explore and unwind from the stressful days of our life. There are millions of activities we can do! Going to the places you've never been to is one way to enjoy and explore what it has to offer. Nevertheless, don't just stick to what you usually do. Take a risk and have an adventure! 
I promise that right after our Final exams and when I get my camera back, I'll flood you with so much great photos! So I guess this is it for now. I hope you're enjoying your summer, my dearly beloved readers! Kisses. :*

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