Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jump In

Spending one of the last days of being a freshmen with these people! From the past few weeks, well as we all know, March is a graduation month for almost every schools in Philippines. Some people has to say goodbye to their Alma Maters and in their case, move on to the next chapters of their lives. But in our case, more of trial and error process for the next 2 years. (If I don't transfer school, or in fact, us). I mean, for some reasons of course. So, let me start this out. PWC got its huge lettering just in about the entrance to our school. You can obviously see it whether you like it or not. Totally contrast the colors since it's already summer. Our classes will totally end on April since it's a Trimester school. We have to bear with it. Leaving you with some... or should I say our vanitation-salutation. Haha! ;) Enjoy!

Our beauties under the insane heat of the sun!

I love this photo. We are barefooted and just jump in. Beau! 
Which they call the "fierce" pose.
During our MSCE class. The one in maroon is our beautiful adviser :)
Through ups and downs, you just have to be positive and enjoy life.
I guess these are the photos from the past few weeks. It's totally not my camera on used but I am still glad my friend lets me use her photos for a blog post. I just cannot wait to get my camera and work again! It's summer, I totally need it back. ASAP! If Canon Davao is reading this, please message me for the confirmation! I would totally appreciate that. Ha! 

So ending this up, I would like to say something. A little message to my readers which some of you are stepping to College. I say, welcome! There will always be rough times no matter what, it's college. It's our preparatory for what reality is. But here's a tip, no matter how hard you're going through, always think positive and always think that YOU will make it. Just a real hard workperseverance and love on whatever profession you're taking. Always pray and ask guidance from God above and I assure that He will help you. College is a very big challenge. It really is. Another thing, NEVER EVER THINK OF QUITTING. It's never an option. I guess, in college all you have to do is listen to your professors, always come to class on time and never miss a lesson. It's a big loss if you do. I know everyone of us will overcome it sooner or later. And there you go, a little message maybe to all of you! Kisses everyone! Have a great week-off! 

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