Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spectrum Party

 Madayaw! (It means greetings). If you're wondering why I'm not blogging about the festivity of Araw ng Dabaw is that my DSLR is in Canon for the mean time and have to be fix within 2-3 weeks. I know it's horrible! But it never stopped us to enjoy and party! Last night (March 16, 2013), DJ Callum David was in Davao for the Spectrum Party! Everyone was enjoying and definitely dancing to the songs. Callum was there from 6pm for his meet and greet at the Atrium and start the party by 8pm to 12 midnight so it was a long playing sesh! I was with my friends, Shareen, Paul and Ate Neesha who treated us the whole night. From tickets to drinks! Some of the photos below aren't mine so credits to the people who took it. Some photographers also were taking photos of us in groups but I have no single idea on where I could grab the photos and blog it! I wish someone could tag me those photos on my facebook. Haha! If you're reading this, please do :-) Enjoy the photos below as much as we do! 
I took this photo using the only camera I have which is my camera phone! :'( I'm in tears. I'm missing my camera big time and badly! It's such a wrong timing and it sucks. But I really have to move on. Ugh!
Behind us playing the coolest mix songs is DJ Callum! Wasn't able to have a solo photo with him since he was running busy! 

Grabbed this photo from SM Lanang Premier's album on facebook. Credits! :-)
So I was talking earlier, by 6pm he was at the atrium playing some mixes and the meet and greet sesh with his adorbs fans! :-) He's really humble and note this, VERY HANDSOME!
This guy is so adorable I could die! Hahaha! Kidding! Well, he really is adorbs wearing DJ CALLUM <3 DAVAO shirt. I think Souvenir Shop Davao gave this to him :-) 
 If you wanna visit SM Lanang Premier which is located in J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City you can see this huge lettering of DAVAO in the Fountain Court. You can also watch their Waterworks (Dancing fountain) for free! See the poster below.

How was your weekend my dearly readers? Mine was so much fun since I just celebrated my 17th Birthday last March 14. Which was my camera was also damaged. But then, I had fun. To sum it up, my friends made me so happy and I wish this days wouldn't end but sadly, we have to say goodbye and face the back-to-normal days which is school. I am so ready for summer, in case you don't know. The heat we are experiencing now is insane! Well, talking back about the Spectrum Party, it was so nice seeing DJ Callum play and he's really handsome. Very, rather! Anyway, if you know me and took a photo of me/us last night please do tag us on Twitter @eishellecellona or on Facebook: Eishelle Cellona. Thank you! Kisses! :* 
I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I did even though the quality of the photos aren't that great but I really promise you that as soon as I get my DSLR back, I'm gonna flood you with so much of the great photos! Enjoy your week ahead, sunnies! 

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