Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Eden Nature Park

Today has been my worst yet THE best experience of my life. Worst? Because I flew from Indiana Jones ride-ish. I mean, it's the amenities offered in Eden. And the worst-est was, my DSLR went error and I was about to cry but I still have to check it in Canon. Awful!  BEST, because to sum it up, I had fun and for me, it's also my Advance Birthday Gift. Well obviously to myself since I will be turning 17 tomorrow. I know! :-) As a Tourism student, we have to encounter Tour Guiding which is we are the Tour Guide (with its destinations and attractions separately) just within Davao City. There will be professors who will evaluate our performances. So the main highlight of this Mock Tour Guiding was our visit in Eden Nature Park (that's located in Mount Talomo, Toril, Davao City) which offers so much. From relaxation, sight seeing with the overview of Davao City, and their offered amenities. If you want to stay for a night, they also offers good service and such. Talking about food? Well, I guess they have THE BEST buffet offered. I mean, the fruits were as fresh as ever, ah good food! Before I go preaching over everything we did today, and Eden specifically. I will let the photos do the talkin'.

Worry nothing because the people there are so hospitable and very accommodating. They have also Souvenir shop which you may buy a lot of goodies. 
Via riding a shuttle bus, a Tour Guide will be the one explaining the sights inside Eden. They also have Audio Tour Guide inside the shuttle. And if you think it's hot, it's not. Because if you've been to Tagaytay, it's like the same but warmer. Since it's already a summer month, you will expect warmer temperature but still feel the wind's cool breeze. If only I could build a house and live there. The view was amazing! 
Since it's located in Mount Talomo, one of the visited and climbed mountain in Davao City, expect so much green leaves. Pine trees are thousands! And so much more. There are also colorful leaves which we were so amazed since the colors were majestic. 
Tada! A Turquoise flower-ish which you will find in some parts of Eden. It's soft and as much as I want to get a piece, it's prohibited. But at least I touched it :-) and take a photo of it.  
This is the weirdest shot I've ever done when my camera was still working. I think it's from the camera. I have 2 days before a big event so I really have to work on it and fix it through Canon!
Are you amazed yet? Amaze more! It's the overview of the City by morning. It's a perf, it's beautiful! Davao City really is beautiful. A must visited place and will surely leave with smiles on your faces wanting for more. From Islands to High-lands, you can see so much of Davao. 
The famous Tinubdan
Yup! They have lots of Peacock BUT only one Peacock who roams around the site is this one. I forgot to ask what's his name (yes it's a boy) but he's lovely! I wish I could pick one peacock leaf or more! :-)
I had to separate OUR photos since there were a lot! These are just not so half of it. This I think will be my longest blog post for this month. I guess! 
Some of the classmates together with our professors (in Orange) Mrs. Japay and Mr. Goad, he is also our Chairperson in Tourism Management Department. 
The Famous Mayumi's Wishing Well. You have to throw a coin/s and wish. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring my wallet so no wish for me. Cray! Oh, it has to be from you, not from other people's coins but from you.

Thanks to my good friend, Nessah Brigoli for letting me use her camera for the mean time. I love you Twin! I wish you will read this. Ha ha! Kisses! 
The Indiana Jones... which I fell off and flew away! I know, horrible. But it was a great experience but I get injured and there's a swell on my knee. I wish I won't be having a stiff neck by tomorrow! 
This was before, and I am still in the middle of the journey. I can't post a photo after I fell off from Indiana Jones! Horrible thing ever! :"( I'm in tears! 
After having lunch and rested for a while, found this heart-shaped sit just outside the restaurant. Sizzling hot! I think it's good when it's night since it will light on the side.
Good thing I brought extra t-shirt since my first shirt got dirty from my fall. Ugh! 
Before leaving Eden, minutes left I tried another ride. Yeah! It was successful but not suicidal and I had such great time riding it but unfortunately we had to leave and proceed to another destination. 
Before leaving the site, we fortunately got this peacock opened his feathers! Ah beautiful superb! <3 He actually modeled for us and believe it or not, he turned around to let us take photos of him and the beautiful feathers. 
To end this up, personally I enjoyed our Eden escapade and with these people whom I am with since First Trimester. They are awesome, as always! I am thankful I have block mates like them. It was all worth it. After this month, we will be having our first ever Domestic Tour which we will go out of Davao City. Our Cagayan-Iligan tour, which I am a bit excited though! A 4 day trip with these people again! :-) 

So if you enjoyed my post as much as I do, and you really want to experience what we just experienced today, come and visit Eden Nature Park. For more details, visit their web site Eden Nature Park. Explore and Experience what Davao City offers! From Islands to Highlands. Experience the best! 

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