Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Celebrate

 It's another year for another festivity to celebrate - The 76th Araw ng Dabaw! Since last week, I can feel that Davao City and Davaoeneos are preparing for the big event held every 2nd week of March of every year. It's one of the grandest celebration for the thanksgiving. There will be street dancing, floral float parades, competitions and after parties! It's all over Davao. Since I live within the heart of the city which is really the downtown and center of all business critics, it will be another jam pack of people for the whole week and it is starting now. Along the Streets of Palma Gil just beside the most visited park in Davao, which is named People's Park, there's a GINuman Fest with the live bands and shots which I know not new to you. So if you want to stroll around Davao, come and join the party. If you're not from Davao City, and really wanting to go here, book a flight and accommodation, ready your camera's and don't forget your smiles! I assure you that you will leave Davao City happy and contented and wanting for more! There will always be more. If you've been reading my blog since, you will experience the Kadayawan every 3rd week of August of every year. Well so much for this.

Every year, there's always a photo contest and my friends and I have been joining it ever since it's started. Here's to another Hulagway sa Araw ng Dabaw 2013. A Photo contest open for all enthusiasts and professionals out there who wants to use there skills and win. As expected, I and my friends will also be joining so I guess I will see you on the Street of Davao with your cameras! :-)

If you wanna know the mechanics, read more here and visit Davao City Government site.
They also have a Twitter account: @DavaoCityGov

A week long celebration that will surely leave a mark in your hearts and captivate the beauty of every Davaoeneos! See you by then. Leaving you photos I took from last year's festival! 

P.S. to my readers: Forgive me if I haven't updated time by time since I am awfully busy and we have to catch a lot of deadlines. I know! Cramming I guess. But the day after tomorrow, expect so much photos then and days after! Kisses to everyone! :)


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