Sunday, May 5, 2013

SarBay Fest 2013

Are you hitting the beach this May? Do you want to explore beaches and places you've never been to? Then this is for you, SarBay Fest 2013 (Sarangani Bay Festival 2013). This is the biggest beach festival in Mindanao, if you'd ask. Sarangani Bay is located on the southern tip of Mindanao here in the Philippines. General Santos City or commonly called by the locals as GenSan is one of the Philippines most important cities and ports, is located on the bay of Sarangani, making it one of the busiest. Well so much for that! Let me take you to the Festival. This coming May 24-25, 2013 (SAVE THE DATES!!!) it is gonna be a one hit of a big party knowing that a lot of people were talking about this on Facebook & Twitter, and that includes us! SarBay Fest will be held at Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani. 
Did you know that the island of Gumasa is titled as the "Little Boracay" in Mindanao. 
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or just simply type Gumasa Beach on Google to see more!
Since it's compared to the majestic, pure sands of Boracay it's hence in quite similarities. Though I haven't been there, my friends told me that it has really good quality of sands and clear blue waters of the ocean. Oh, this makes me feel so excited going to Gumasa, barefooted and enjoying the breeze of the wind and the pristine waters of it! Mindanao has so much to offer! I have been telling you this for the longest time. You can never go wrong if you will travel the highlands to Islands of Mindanao.

These Limited Edition shirts are available to order now! 
Please check out SarBay Fest 2013 on Facebook page and here's the link:
On their page, you may also check out their latest posts about the event!
I ordered this shirt for my self and they will just inform me where could I claim it.
The prices are on their Album on Facebook so better check it out! 
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On the event, and if you're going, don't forget to put a this hash tag on your Tweets
and Instagram! :-) Just so everybody will know that you're partying there, enjoying the beach and most importantly having fun with your friends or family!
(i.e., Touchdown Sarangani! We're so ready for #sarbayfest!!)

If you'd ask me, this could be my first time to visit this place I've been longing for since forever! I heard so much about this place, that it is good, the beach is perfect, the sunsets/rise are marvelous and even the people here are awesome! Little I didn't know that they're having the biggest beach party in Mindanao and thanks to Facebook, I got this information. Woop woop! We still have more days and weeks before this, so shape up your bod's, save up more cash, prepare to be wild and party for 2 nights, don't forget your swim wears/attires, your friends, one of THE must haves is a camera and most importantly have fun and put that smile on your face... ALWAYS! 
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I will see you here folks!
Comment on the section box below if you're going, let me know!
A video from last year's SarBay Fest 2012

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