Friday, May 3, 2013


It's once another month to deal with. More of only a month before classes will begin and that doesn't want me to start yet! May 1 & 2 has been both productive to me well because of so many reasons. The second day of this month has been more of like it! I did a night photo walk, it's my first time so I am not good at lightning and my I can't control my hands on being shaky. So I decided to title my work today "Motion" since people & cars are moving. The subject I have today is a bit more interesting since I went to two of the busiest streets in Davao City. First stop: China Town (Uyanguren) and the second stop: San Pedro Street. I think most of the photo-walkers loves to go here since it has so much! From dusk 'til dawn or sunrise to sunset. Besides, you can find everything under the sun in these so-called people's shopping retails! If you've been here, probably you know what I'm talking about. Well if you're Manila, it's like Divisoria or Baclaran--- something more of it like that BUT cleaner and much safer because there are Patrols who roam around the street! If you're fun of the so called "Ukay-Ukay" or "Wagwag" then here's the perfect place for you. From clothes to shoes to bags, name it and it's there. Well patience is totally in need to this place since there's thousands (or millions) stuff to find! 

We meet again TOMLIZ. The most famous retail shop in the city of Davao! Why? It's because every accessory is in there in different colors, designs, sizes, styles --- I mean everything! It's a small place for too many people. Every single day, this place is jam packed with people buying packs and packs and packs of accessories. 
Stay tuned for what I bought from this place!
Forgive my shaky hands but I've a photo on this by morning. Just find it to my last year post! 
The perfect time to get to this place is from 7PM onward. This street will be full of "ukay-ukay" and the best part is, you can bargain the prices! But be careful of choosing the clothes, especially when it's damaged or stained or something like that. Get what I mean?
These isn't the half of what I meant! There are still sellers from the other corner of the street but since we (my friends and I) doesn't want to go back there, long way!
I was supposed to buy the black sling bag but I'm in a 50-50 decision to buy it or not.
So I didn't! I bet I can find something more useful than that. 

SECOND STOP: San Pedro Street
San Pedro Street is only a perfect place to go on a night market. Well what I mean is the "ukay-ukay" thing. There are also bunch of sellers with their huge carts full of clothes, bags or shoes. I think we hit the wrong day on "ukay night" since I think it's mostly by Friday-Saturday nights and not on weekdays. 
Here, I practiced the car light-lines. Trial and error at its best since I have no idea how it works. But somehow, I succeeded a little bit of it! ;-) Well at least I tried!
TADA! My own version of car light-lines. It's not what it seem to some photographs but I will be so working on a perfect CLL! I promise that to you.
Dirty Ice cream: Only in the Philippines
Stop it before you went hysterical! It is not DIRTY as-in literally DIRTY and from DIRT but henceforth, it's called dirty ice cream because:
1.) a kind of water buffalo, resulted in a cheaper product which became known as "sorbetes"
You can read all the information here:
I'm obsessed with lights and I am good on producing a photo like these!
These lights are from...
this area which you can see from the center portion; the famous 
San Pedro Cathedral and the clock tower.
Try different things, it won't harm! 
It tastes sooooo good you would thank heaven! :-)

It has been what? The third day of the month but I feel so nervous and sad because here's to school and long classes again. I know! I don't want to end Summer season too soon. It's like my ever favorite season of the year and yet it only last for 2 months and some weeks. But somehow, I want this month of May to be more even 100x productive than ever! (I wish and I pray for that). Perhaps more of photo walks and photographs, right? I thought of that too. If you're too undecided on what are you gonna do with your DSLRs, well how about you try something what I did today. It's always good to try new stuff! I read once a quote and says: "Don't baby your camera. Use and abuse it.". I've learnt that, at some point you should take a step and do what you really love doing. It's never too late to explore and go out! Correct me if I'm wrong. Or go to places you've never been to! To teenage kicks you are all free this summer, try to be different and seize the day. You will never know where it will take you. Well to me, I'm looking forward to more trips and photos to share this May with you guys. I hope you do to! Kisses to each and everyone :*



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