Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Egyptian Classic

 تحيات And that means "Greetings" in Egyptian! Hello readers! It's been somehow weeks from my last blog post. I've been somehow busy doing my personal errands and such! Well, most of you knew that I am a massive fan of Dream Catchers and to addition of my collections, here's a new one given to me by my dearest Mom which was bought from Egypt by her friend. Oh and by the way, Belated Happy Mother's Day to lovely Mum's out there! Going back, this one's a bit strange since we all know that Dream Catchers are made up of wood, in a circular shape and has feathery designs. This one's made up of metal and shaped like a jelly fish (or am I being imaginative enough? hahaha!) I've been researching it on Google lately since I am strangely amazed with it. It's beautiful, don't you think? Unfortunately, haven't seen any of it on the internet. Even photos, none. I guess I'm lucky enough to have a different aura of collectible. Well if you know something about a bit of this, let me know! And oh, I haven't done any edits with the photos except for adding watermarks, and I am such a happy kid knowing I'm getting better and better on photography. With a little help of my external flash, lighting and good angle. Canon always works awe-incredible-some! 

Nah, I bet you also want to have something like thing hung on your wall?
This one's actually hung on my mini photo wall gallery in my room and now, I have 6 of 'em! Cray right? My friends were always telling me "Ang dami mo naman yatang panaginip?"
I really can't help it, but I love dream catchers like forever! I think it's a good design in a room, well for me. I'm not though a fan of too girly stuff like the "so-pink" one. I like bohemian/hippie stuff to be exact. 
The details... just incredible! 
If you could ever give me gift, I would love to have another Dream Catcher or even a bohemian thing. It's cool and I think it's sophisticated but detailed! Ending this up, there's so much to look forward to for the upcoming days of my May escapade. Talking about SarBay and beach! Ah the beach! Kisses to you! :*

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