Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WTB: SarBay Edition

Am I feeling already the heat? YES! Am I excited to hit the beach? VERY YES! Today, I'm gonna blog about "What to Bring: SarBay Edition" and "What's in my bag" for the 2 day event! 4 more days left before the biggest beach event in Mindanao and getting Re-tweets from @sarbayfest on Twitter makes me more excited about it! There's no such thing as over-packing bikinis and today I'm gonna show you my new picks! Take a peek on what's what. 

This pair is my fave! My friend chose the neon-yellow top for me and I fell in love with it since it perfect for my skin tone and don't you just love neons!? Well I'm in love with them. I think it's perfect for the beach and since Summer has not yet ended too! 
Ah, Turquoise! Love 'em. 
The very first time I saw this, I definitely didn't think twice about it! I just love it! I never really liked Red ever since, but the combination of red and white stripes are good and I just love the style and design!  
Perfect color for it would be a Neon Pink or choose any color you like! ;)

WHAT'S IN MY BAG: SarBay Edition
You think of "there's so much to bring..." but no! You don't really have to bring every  piece in your house though. Just a perfect bag to fit everything you need for the event. Of course, you need money, your phone (in case you get lost, haha!), cover ups, sunblock and what's trip without bringing a camera, right? And don't forget your limited edition SarBay shirts and I'm getting mine on the 24th! Woop woop! Let's get this thing started!
Yep, I know! Aztec native bag I bought from a "pasalubong" shop in Philippine Eagle Center. I love the fact that it fits my SLR there! 
I know, we all want to get tanned under the sun but put a sun screen for your skin's protection and it'll definitely turn out fine and the fact that you don't have to suffer from sunburns and such, you will totally have fun on your vacay at SarBay!
Of course! A camera. Don't get me wrong but the most important thing I probably need to bring would be a camera. Any cameras will do as long as it works! :) You just need to capture all the great moments and scenarios from there and I just can't wait to do that!

Leaving you with this good vibration song and Better Days from Franco! 

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Don't forget to put a hashtag #sarbay and #sarbayfest on your Tweets!

See you in Sarangani, my friends and let's get the party started!

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