Sunday, May 26, 2013

SarBay Fest 2013

It was yet another experience for me to be there. Travelling to the South was my first time and probably not my last! SarBay Fest reach 70k guest during the 2 day festival and it was craaaay! The people there were amazeball, they're so hyper, dancing, and the best part was meeting new people from there. Love 'em! To make the long story short, take a peek of what we did. SarBay Fest was probably a year ender for most of us!

If you're wondering why I don't have photos from the Foam Party is because it rained that night! But we partied there, jive to the music and enjoyed! 
During our trip and stay at General Santos City and we were at SM! It's huge!
And these were some of the people we met last night. 
The shirt I ordered from SarBay! 
One word: Amazing! Aaaahhhh I know, we didn't make it until the second day/night of the festival because we already left the venue. I saw the photos from last night and it was awesome! Fireworks, dancing people and party. We will definitely going back there and it's gonna be epic. By far, I'm speechless. Hahaha! I am so tired though I slept for more than 24 hours already. Lol. I really had fun though, I can't spoil everything we had for some reasons. It's damn! This experience is massive. 'Til the next SarBay Fest! ;) Kisses!

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