Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jack Daniels

Being a college student need A LOT of effort. Even on a Sunday, you really have to work instead of being at home or church with your family. But in our case, we were at the airport to take photos for out Tourism Planning thesis making. We had a 50-50 chance 'cause of the weather. It did rained so we had to pull over and wait for it to stop. Was also lucky since we took photos from outside (since we aren't allowed to go in for some security reasons and definitely if you are not a passenger) before it rained. Didn't expect to rain since Davao was having a really humid weather. You really can't detect Davao's weather sometimes and it just suck! But thank you to SMART LTE, I had to update socially! Woop woop! And fast! Before anything else takes place, here are some of my "so me" shots taken by my good friend Eunice. She instantly had a good relationship using my SLR though and I am so happy about it! ;) 

By far in love with this shot! Pa-wind wind din pag may time! 
Meet my photographer of the day! Love her! 
Marimar ba kamo? O, heto! 
With my friend, Maylene whom to be sooo clingy on her kalachuchi.
Phone case + bracelets = all matched neon
It ain't summer anymore but who said neon is for summer only?! And plus a Kalachuchi flower scattered all around the ground that I had to pick one and can't get rid of it! Lol!
Jack Daniel's in White muscle tee
Raining, don't care.
If you're familiar with the flight 5J 971 of Cebu Pacific, that's it behind us from far.
Meet my friends, Adrian, Eunice and Maylene! Adorbs <3
I can't get rid of this really aromatic flower called Kalachuchi. It's been very a long time since I smelled it, and that last time was we were going to Pearl Farm in Samal Island. I've been holding the flower for the entire afternoon, lol me! I don't know, I just got too attached. Brings back a lot of memories and made me smile! Ah, missed being a kid. Okay, let me do a recap of today. What can I say? Great Sunday with friends plus homework. Yuh, I had to do such since I am by far a student. But don't worry, before I blog, I do all works. It's like the most important thing before Monday! This month has been the busiest among any other, 29 units is really heavy! I feel like crying already but I shouldn't. I should not be a cry baby for having such units. I just wish I can survive second year! Anyway, this ends my weekend! I hope you had amazeball!

P.S. I'm blogging this week the Smart Boys Night Out x Davao and met the men of Magic 89.9 Manila, Sam YG, TonyToni and Slickrick which took place in Hybrid Bar Davao! If you're familiar with them, see the photos on my Instagram: @eishellecellona. Stay tuned for that as I look for the photos. Kisses to each and everyone! Have a great week :* 

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